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About The Project

Project Overview

On-demand outdoor Essentials holiday campaign application is a convenient and efficient platform that offers customers a seamless experience in setting up their outdoor campaigns. With this all-in-one application, customers have the freedom to choose their desired campaign location from the available options and place orders for various items such as tents, chairs, mats, grilling equipment, and more. Additionally, they can also order fresh meat, chicken, cool drinks, hot pizzas, and other delectable items from the Sahra BBQ marketplace, enhancing their camping experience.

Once an order is placed through the application, the system promptly lists the details on nearby delivery vans, which are operated by dedicated drivers and passengers. These delivery vans receive notifications about new orders and can accept them for delivery, as well as for setting up the campaign service. To ensure smooth communication, the application offers a chat feature that enables customers and delivery van employees to interact and address any specific requirements or queries.

To provide transparency and convenience to customers, the application includes a real-time tracking feature. Customers can track the status of their delivery van, as well as the progress of their order. The tracking feature also provides an estimated arrival time, allowing customers to plan accordingly. This feature ensures that customers have complete visibility into the whereabouts of their order, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Once the holiday campaign is completed, customers can request a collection van driver to pick up the rented items from the camping set-up location. The collection van is responsible for efficiently and swiftly collecting all the rented equipment and returning them to the outlet. With the assistance of route optimization, the delivery and collection vans are able to deliver and collect orders in the most efficient manner possible, ensuring timely service for customers and minimizing any unnecessary delays.

Key Phases

Breaking down the project on these 3 main key phases & further in weekly modules to get the project on track and accountable.

Planning and Analysis
  • Requirement Gathering
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Technology Stack Selection
Design and Development
Deployment and Maintenance
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring and Security
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Maintenance and Support
Challenges we had

The Problem

The all-in-one On-demand outdoor Essentials holiday campaign application enables quick ordering, campaign set-up, and collection of rented items. With customizable options, geofencing integration, and a seamless checkout process, it provides a convenient experience. eSparkBiz partnered with Sahra BBQ to establish their own platform in Dubai, conducting thorough research and designing tailored features to cater to their needs.

User Interface and Animations Creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface with smooth animations can be challenging. Achieving perfection in terms of design elements, color schemes, and transitions requires attention to detail and thorough testing to ensure a seamless user experience.

Simplified Order Placement and Payment Flow Designing a simple and intuitive order placement process, including selecting items, customizing options, and choosing delivery preferences, while also streamlining the payment process, requires careful consideration of user expectations and preferences. Balancing simplicity and functionality is crucial for a smooth ordering experience.

Delivery and Collection Management Developing a system that efficiently manages both the delivery and collection of items within the app can be complex. It involves tracking the availability of delivery and collection vans, assigning orders to drivers, optimizing routes, and ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs while maintaining clear communication between drivers and customers.

Filter System Implementing a simple and effective filter system can be challenging, as it requires designing intuitive filter options that accurately match customer preferences and search criteria. The filter system should provide relevant and accurate results, making it easy for customers to find their desired items or campaign locations.

Seamless Checkout Process Designing a streamlined and hassle-free checkout process is crucial for customer satisfaction. Challenges include integrating secure payment gateways, minimizing steps in the checkout flow, providing clear order summaries, and offering various payment options to cater to different customer preferences.

Feedback System Developing a user-friendly feedback system that encourages customers to leave reviews and ratings can be challenging. The system should be intuitive, accessible, and prompt users to provide feedback, allowing the client to gather valuable insights to improve their services.

Integration and Compatibility Ensuring seamless software integration with third-party services, such as geofencing APIs for location-based services or payment gateways, can pose technical challenges. Compatibility across different devices, operating systems, and screen sizes must be thoroughly tested to guarantee a consistent experience for all users.

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See what we solved

The Solution

To address the challenges faced in developing the Sahra Food delivery application for Outdoors essentials, the development team successfully created a comprehensive Delivery service application that met the requirements of both customers (admins, drivers, and customers), providing a seamless user experience, real-time updates, centralized information management, and secure payment capabilities with the following solutions:

We designed the App to simplify the process of ordering and setting up outdoor holiday camping equipment, attracting the attention and interest of a wide range of customers.

The offers a user-friendly interface with an intelligent filtering feature that helps customers efficiently find the best holiday camping locations available.

The App's clean design incorporates smooth and professional animations, enhancing the experience for both customers and Sahra employees.

A unique feature of the app allows the admin to adjust the location range using Geofencing, enabling Sahra BBQ management to offer services to customers in their specified locations.

The App's functionality is optimized for ease of use, providing a seamless ordering experience for customers and facilitating efficient management for Sahra employees.

The App has emerged as a sophisticated and efficient tool, capturing the attention of a large customer base and meeting the demands of the outdoor holiday camping market.

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Final Milestone

The Result

Our team has successfully developed and deployed a Holiday Campaign set-up and food ordering app, meeting all the requirements of our client. In addition to the user-facing app, we have also provided an advanced-level admin panel that allows the client to efficiently manage the entire application. The admin panel includes various features such as order management, integration of multiple delivery channels, and collection of orders, all consolidated into a single, user-friendly interface.

With our app, customers can easily browse and select their preferred holiday campaign set-up options, while also placing food orders seamlessly. The app's user-friendly design and clever filtering feature ensure a smooth and efficient experience for customers. On the backend, the admin panel empowers our client to effectively manage all aspects of the application, from monitoring and processing orders to integrating different delivery channels. This comprehensive solution streamlines operations and enhances the overall efficiency of the holiday campaign set-up and food ordering process.

Technology Stack

By integrating into our application, we enable real-time chat functionality, allowing users to engage in instant communication. This enhances the interactivity and collaborative features of our dynamic and interactive application built with React.js, Flutter, Node.js, and MySQL.

Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!
Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!
Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!
Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!
Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!
Sahra – Unleash Your Adventure with On-Demand Outdoor Gear!

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