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Top AngularJS Development Tools For The Year 2020

By Mohit Surati Angular Js March 19, 2020 6 min read 208 Views

AngularJS turns out to be an effective solution for single-page applications as well as a client-side web framework. It is built and backed by Google. Also, there is a community of programmers who believe in the potential of the framework. For this reason, they have tried on experimenting in building an array of Angular JS Development tools.

It would probably help the app developers to construct web-apps or SPAs as per the requirements artistically. Angular is easily acceptable in the market, and that’s the reason it has many versions. You can go through the features of Angular 8, which is the latest version that helps in building intuitive front-end and single-page apps.

Now, let’s dive deep into the development tools that help in uplifting productivity, increasing output, saving time, and money.

1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the potential Angular JS Development tools that allows programmers to feasibly edit the source code hassle-free. You can add functions compatible with your project using Plugins. For this, it utilizes Python APIs.

The coding becomes easier, which saves a lot of time for the programmers. Sublime Text is the go-to tool of the majority of developers. The core features of SublimeText are as follows:

  • Quickly navigates to files, folders, lines, or symbols with the help of “Goto Anything.”
  • Implements multiple changes at a single point of time with simultaneous editing
  • Inclusion of JSON files to leverage the platform-centric and project-based settings
  • Compatible with multiple programming and markup languages
  • Multiple settings to support cross-platform, i.e., Android, Windows, and iOS
  • Python Application Programming Interface


jQuery independency is what makes stand apart from the others. It makes HTML and the development of the application with the use of APIs easier. The level of flexibility it provides to the users or developers is unmatchable.

3. Djangular (Django + Angular)


The headache of web-app content development can be minimized. Yes, you read it right! Djangular is a combination of Django and angular that allows you to use and re-uses it whenever required for developing content for your angular applications.

4. WebStorm


WebStorm is a perfect competitor of SublimeText as the latter is for general-purpose code editing; the former focuses explicitly on Javascript text editing. Also, you can leverage it with HTML and CSS editing. One of the best code editing AngularJS development tools that one can utilize for app content is WebStorm.

The following are the features of WebStorm:

  • Easily detects and debugs errors & bugs
  • Potent Navigation
  • Executed Code successfully
  • Ideal for backend with Node.js
  • Builds intuitive front-end

5. Angular UI


Angular UI speeds up project development time. It helps in accomplishing the project at a much faster pace. As a result, it allows programmers to work and increase their productivity accordingly.

It comes with more than 26 UI models, which are leveraged for multiple purposes. These models speed up the most time-consuming aspect of app development, i.e., coding. There are models such as uploaders, sliders, Google maps, grid, and sortable that work according to their names.

6. Ng-Inspector


There are many browsers that the users prefer to use for surfing the website. For the multiple browsers, the websites or web-apps should be compatible. Hence, the developers have to test their projects across multiple browsers to ensure smooth and swift performance.

Ng-Inspector has a package of a browser extension that runs on all the browsers. You can run tests and troubleshoot the angular apps to verify the compatibility of it. Also, you can check DOM elements & trace their upgradation scope.

7. Karma


Karma is one of the potential Angular JS Development tools that can be utilized for performing robust testing over the application. Launching an application without testing might hamper the success of the application as well as may face a lot of trouble.

As a developer or an app owner, you should consider this testing tool for your angular project and reap the benefits of it. Unit, E2E and midway testing are compatible with Karma. It is flexible as it can test the applications while browsing real apps.

You don’t need to worry about coding the mobile, web, or tablet apps. It is capable of troubleshooting and detecting bugs.

Following given are  the features of Karma:

  • Tests codes in both Real & Multiple browsers
  • Bolsters significant browsers
  • Generates reports automatically

8. Jasmine


Jasmine is a behavior-driven, open-source testing framework specifically designed for performing robust testing over the applications. It has gained popularity over GitHub by receiving more than 14K stars. Moreover, it is independent and doesn’t require any external tools to perform testing.

Let’s see the features of Jasmine:

  • Easy Angular Development Arsenal
  • Robust Testing & Debugging
  • Compatible with Karma
  • Detects untouched code and notifies to the developers
  • No external dependency
  • Behavior-driven testing framework

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9. Mocha.js


MochaJS is another testing framework that performs robust testing over the software built using Angular JS. It is simple, fun, flexible, and versatile. It is a blend of numerous tools that supports a testing framework.

Also, it bolsters auto-exit, testing supports, leak detector, async support, and many more things. There is no rocket science behind learning Mocha JS. If you have a basic knowledge about testing the apps, then you can quickly excel in it.

Let’s understand the features:

  • Prepares test reports
  • Supports String diff
  • Uses JS API for running tests
  • Generates suites & test-cases

Final Thought

Developing a project requires a set of techniques and tools that can efficiently construct software as per the requirements. For a smooth and gradual hold of every tool, it requires time and patience.

If you are planning to build an application, and want to hire an angularJS developer from a potential and leading AngularJS Development Company, then you may give this one a chance.

Moreover, the developers are available on a part-time and full-time basis. The company and its developers are well-equipped with multiple projects and have hands-on experience in implementing those projects.

AngularJS Development Tools

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