Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript front-end framework. Developers mainly use it to create single-page applications (SPAs). It keeps expanding to offer efficient ways of building web applications. Today, we will talk about the Best IDE for AngularJS Development in detail.

The AngularJS IDE helps the developers make the development process fast as well as efficient. There are so many options available for AngularJS IDE. So, picking the best one out of that could be very confusing for the users.

To get rid of this issue, today we’re going to provide you with the top 10 AngularJS IDE of all time, hire dedicated angular developers to get better output. So, let’s get things moving.

Let’s Dive Into Top 10 AngularJS IDE


GitHub developed Atom. People widely prefer it because of its easily customizable environment. It is most suitable for people who have just begun their venture in web development.

Install the Atom TypeScript package to enhance your experience with TypeScript using Angular applications. Alternatively, you can use APM CLI as a built-in package installer.

The functionalities include automatic code hints, code introspection, static type checking, and more. Also, it includes a built-in tsconfig.json generator. It is one of the Best IDE for AngularJS Development.

This text editor is modern, approachable, and customizable, which means you can use it without moving a config file. It is similar in usage to the Angular Components Library.

Atom enables you to make simple modifications such as different colours for the background and cursor. Moreover, it also performs complex tasks like changing the shortcuts to most built-in commands.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletes- Typescript, Angular, Your App Classes
  • Resolves Imports
  • Snippets


  • Offers easy browsing with multiple panes
  • Has a built-in package manager
  • Supports File system browser
  • Quick and easy auto-completion
  • Enables cross-platform editing

Aptana Studio

Angular has an open-source Angular JS IDE called Aptana Studio. It is a fully equipped IDE, which helps you build web applications.

It is based on Eclipse and has been preferred by Java Developers for a long time. You can use Aptana Studio IDE in optimizations for Java, HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Moreover, it also consists of several plugins that allow extensions for a multitude of third-party apps. You can add the AngularJS Eclipse extension for many other frameworks and libraries. It is used for JavaScript development and is based on Eclipse.

It comes as a stand-alone version and an Eclipse Plug-in. Aptana Studio also consists of an integrated Ruby & Rails debugger to use its features.

It continues to focus on AJAX applications, but offers outstanding support for all types of apps.


  • Git Integration
  • IDE customization
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Deployment Wizard
  • Built-In Terminal
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code Assist


  • Supports other testing tools
  • Quickly and thoroughly customizable
  • In-built terminal
  • Has the deployment wizard
  • Offers code assistance for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


ALM IDE is known to belong to Generation Next. It is a cloud-based Angular JS IDE developed for TypeScript. It empowers you to code rapidly in TypeScript projects.

You can install it with only a single NPM command. It removes all barriers to use TypeScript and is easy to use. Moreover, you can develop TypeScript projects on Raspberry TT.

ALM IDE has proved itself for JavaScript developers who prefer to use TypeScript syntax. They use it to code their projects before compiling to the standard JavaScript language.


  • Supports workflow automation
  • It offers better visibility
  • Provides traceability among the lifecycle artifacts
  • Offers meaningful reports and actionable metrics
  • This IDE supports Global Distributed Development
  • Supports shorter development cycles
  • Provides effective change management
  • It offers support for collaboration
  • ALM IDE offers better plug and play tools


  • Lightweight
  • Enables to easily use TypeScript
  • It is created for TypeScript

Material 2

Material 2 is Angular’s official component library. It is built with Angular and TypeScript with the help of Google’s material design.

These are UI based components, and they provide the way to write Angular code. You can install individual components from this Bit Scope.

Material 2 provides four prebuilt themes as follows:

  • Deeppurple-amber
  • Indigo-pink
  • Pink-bluegrey
  • Purple-green


  • Material design
  • Layout- responsive layout
  • Aesthetics
  • Components
  • Accessibility


  • Unified user experience
  • Helps to create rich & interactive UI
  • Suitable for single-page applications
  • Allows you to create a modern web app


Clarity is an open-source design system designed by VMware. It combines UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components. Clarity offers a set of data-bound performant elements. It is one of the Best IDE for AngularJS Development.


  • It offers Accordion and Stepper Components that help you group content into meaningful steps
  • Clarity provides vertical tabs to layout content with the tabs on the side of the tab area
  • It also offers a numeric filter in Datagrid
  • Supports Angular 8
  • Offers improved accessibility


  • Rich and useful documentation
  • Easy to use as well as understanding
  • Works well with bootstrap
  • Follows 508 compliance


It is a full-stack JavaScript solution to build high-performance web applications. Mean.js uses AngularJS, MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.

It helps you eliminate common loopholes and get well started, thereby keeping your app organized. Moreover, it helps you maintain a simple and readable key to make your projects more trustworthy.

The component of Mean support is JavaScript, which makes it possible to write Mean stack applications development in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.


  • It is built with JavaScript
  • Offers the language of JSON
  • Provides the efficiency of Node.js
  • Allows you to create Isomorphic code


  • Highly flexible and cost-effective
  • Open-source IDE
  • Easy switch between client & server
  • Suitable for real-time web apps


Videogular is a video streaming application framework for mobile and desktop, powered by Angular JS IDE. Videogular combines properties and trigger functions that are based on virtual timelines. It can detect mobile devices to show or hide elements if they are not supported.


  • Does not support Flash, which makes the code faster and easier to maintain
  • Consists of Web Components, which means you can write your own HTML and CSS code
  • Extensible, means you can create your own plugins through an intermediate API
  • You can also create your own theme
  • It is Reactive, which means you can listen to changes on the media player reactively
  • Multicam: videogular is considered as a framework to develop video applications


  • Allows you to control video speed
  • Support for audio player
  • Runs multiple video players simultaneously
  • Facility for live media streaming


Emacs is a commanding text editor that allows the writer to do whatever he/she desires to do. Moreover, it supports several programming languages, along with other abilities of text editing. It is a classic example of AngularJS Development IDE.

Moreover, it has a powerful list of existing Lisp extensions. They are the practical (git integration, syntax highlighting, etc.), utilitarian (calculators & calendars), and sublime (chess, Eliza).

The first Emacs – Angular JS Editors had a ‘help’ library that consisted of documentation for every variable, command, and internal function. Therefore, it is also known as ‘self-documenting’ software.


  • General Architecture
  • Customizability
  • Self-Documenting


  • Allows you to open several files simultaneously
  • Mode for several programming languages
  • Allows you to use keyboard commands
  • Facility to use it through console or telnet


Vim is a text editor, and it efficiently provides you with everything you need programming C. Moreover, it offers 80% of your requirement, along with over 40 languages and file types.

Vim seems to be a hard-to-learn editor in the beginning. However, people with a specific skill for programming can easily learn it. It is a command-driven, text-objects oriented text editor.


  • It has a very low memory footprint
  • It is command-oriented. With only few commands, you can perform complex text-related tasks
  • Highly configurable and uses a simple text file to store configuration
  • There are several plugins available for Vim
  • It supports multiple windows, which can be used to split into multiple windows.
  • Also supports multiple buffers
  • Multiple tabs that allow working on several files
  • Recording features that allow record and play Vim commands repeatedly


  • Free as well as open-source
  • Always available to users
  • Rich documentation & vibrant community
  • Customizable and extensible

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Notepad ++

When you directly work with PHP, HTML, or CSS, Notepad ++ can help you do all those things that HTML editors can do. It’s a Best Angular IDE of recent time.

You can download it for free. Plugins add more to the basic functionality of Notepad++, which makes it more popular. Notepad++ is one of the Best IDE for AngularJS Development.

Moreover, there are lots of plugins that allow you to automatically save texts with the help of the ‘AutoSave’ function.

Also, there are plugins such as ColdFusion plugin (ColdFusion Lexer), a Comparison plugin, and another plugin that allows you to customize your toolbar.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Limited autocompletion for programming, scripting, and markup languages


  • A versatile and powerful editor
  • Support for a variety of file formats
  • Facility for auto-indentation
  • Ability to search through a document


When you choose to work around web development with the help of JavaScript, AngularJS is the best choice. Here, we have provided Best IDE for AngularJS Development.

However, it is essential to choose a suitable platform for your web development. Angular Development Company can help you simplify the development process by choosing the best IDE as per your project requirements to model small applications easily and ensures scalability as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which Are The Best IDEs For AngularJS Development?

    The best IDEs for angularjs development are listed as follows:

    • Atom
    • Aptana Studio
    • ALM IDE
    • Material2
    • Clarity
    • MEAN.js
  2. Is Angular IDE Free?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. Angular IDE is easy to use as well as understand for any new user.

  3. Is AngularJS Front-End or Back-End?

    AngularJS is a front-end framework that is used to develop high-class UI for web applications.

  4. Does Google Use Angular?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. Google does make use of the AngularJS framework for its official websites and applications.

  5. Can I Learn AngularJS Without Knowing JavaScript?

    NO, you can not learn AngularJS without knowing the basics of JavaScript. First, learn JavaScript and then move to AngularJS.