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Vue Developer Job Description Template

Vue.js, a JS full-stack framework, has been doing wonders for the development of user-friendly and responsive web apps. If you are a company that needs Vue developers with extensive skills, our Vue Developer job description template can help you find the best talent. After many years in Vue development, we have produced a detailed job description that is focused on experienced Vue developers at all levels of seniority. This template consists of an attractive introduction of the company describing its scope, a concise description of the position, the must-have skills, and many benefits. Through our unique hiring process you’ll be sure to find some of the best Vue developers that will take your goals a long way. Let us use our knowledge to find the best solution for you Vue development services.

Your company’s description

It is an important factor to bring out the uniqueness of the company in a job description. Provide details about the main activities of the organization, its geographical scope, fundamental principles, and overall purpose. Through this depiction, employers are able to create a pleasant working environment that enhances growth. List the possibilities that employees can take up, including career development, skill enhancement, and a balanced lifestyle which creates a platform for career and personal growth. This holistic introduction will allow people to examine if the company is in line with their vision and manners which can lead to more fitting profiles being recruited to join your team.


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Overview of Job Description

First, outline the company’s background, then summarize the responsibilities of the Vue developer. Describe the major duties and an average workday for this job. Thus, candidates will not only get to know the job requirements, but they will also be able to imagine their tasks when they are in your organization.


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Responsibilities of Vue Developer

During the recruitment of a developer, one has to precisely enumerate the required expertise and duties to attract the best possible candidates. The expectations of this position differ based on the level of the position. Through carefully specifying job responsibilities and required skills, you can ensure the applicant more closely matches your job requirements.


  • Developing User Interfaces: Vue.js developers are professionals who design the visual elements of the app by which users see or interact with it.
  • Improving Performance: They ensure that the websites are properly optimized to deliver maximum speed and scalability.
  • Maintaining Code Quality: Vue.js developers not only write code and debug issues but also keep code up to date. They ensure the code is compliant with industry standards and also easy to maintain and scale.
Technical Skills required for Vue Developer

It is crucial to detail the technical skills and qualifications when writing a Vue developer job description. Identifying these basics means, you are able to identify the candidates that have the best skills and knowledge of your team, making the onboarding experience very easy without much training.


  • Proficiency in Vue.js: A Vue.js developer should know all Vue.js framework details inside out, including the principles of its core and the composition of components.
  • JavaScript Fundamentals: They should be well-versed with JavaScript, ES6, and Webpack-based build tools.
  • HTML/CSS:Knowing HTML5 and CSS3 like layout, cross-browser compatibility, and accessibility.
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs: They must be able to work with backend services using AJAX or HTTP.
  • Version Control/Git: They should be able to use version control tools, especially Git for tracking changes in source code during the software development process.
  • Testing and Debugging: Understanding of test frameworks (like Jest) and debugging tools (such as Chrome DevTools).
  • State Management: Knowledge of state management patterns and libraries such as Vuex.
Qualification and Soft skills

It is vital to do more than just mentioning the technical skills when writing a Vue developer job description. In today’s competitive setting, a Vue developer who intends to succeed and offer the best services must have many distinct attributes. This section provides you with a template for describing the certain soft skills, background, and special qualities, which are necessary for the successful candidate.


  • Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or related field demonstrating the knowledge of Vue.js, projects portfolio and relevant internships.
  • Experience: For junior roles, 6 months to 1 year of practical experience with Vue.js development is a requirement. In case of mid-level vacancies: 3+ years of experience working with Vue.js, related frameworks (Vuex, Vue Router), and other web technologies.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal and written communication skills for effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, explanation of technical terminologies clearly, and maintaining good relationships with clients.
  • Problem-solving Skills: Original thinking, analytical capabilities, and ability to cope without panic in stressful situations, no matter how complex are needed, among others.
Job benefits for Vue Developer

Finally, you will affirm other advantages that your workers receive from the company. This serves as a strong motivator for candidates to examine all the perks as well as the salary when they make an application for a position.

In this portion, provide examples of advantages like competitive salaries with bonuses and incentives, time off, health insurance, recreational activities including gym memberships, monthly gatherings, and so on. These are meant to make the job even more enticing and your employees could grow holistically.


  • Wellness & Work-life Balance
    • Paid leave and every national holiday.
    • Flexible working hours and work-from-home arrangements
    • Gym memberships and fitness expenses.
  • Long-term Benefits
    • Complete health insurance coverage for you and your dependents.
    • Relocation assistance
  • Professional Development
    • Allowing courses and training programs to speed up your career progression.
    • Paid subscriptions of leading learning platforms.
    • Working on open source projects.

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Different Ways to Hire Vue Developers

As far as choosing Vue developers to work for your company— there are several ways to do this. You can hire in-house, outsource to a specialist, or develop software with an offshore team. Lets have a look at the details and considerations to each of these approaches.

Do it Yourself

Hire In-house Developers

You can post a job ad on different job portals, conduct job interviews, and hire a developer based on their experience and skills you consider important. With this approach, you will have full control to select your team members, however, it may be laborious.

Collaborate with us

Offshore Dedicated Teams

You can hire a dedicated Vue.js team who will work only on your project. This model works perfectly for long-term projects where you need to have a team of experts acting as an extension of your internal staff.

IT Staff Augmentation

In case you have an in-house team and need extra professionals for the agreed period of time, you can use IT staff augmentation. You can hire Vue.js developers on contract basis working as a part of your in-house development team.

Outsourced Development

If you have a project but don’t have the time nor resources to manage it, you can outsource the entire development to us. We perform it all from requirements analysis to deployments and maintenance.

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Things to Remember While Hiring Vue Developers

While hiring Vue developers for your business outsourcing, study the factors beyond the standard Vue developer job description. To ensure professionalism and work quality, you should assess the following key aspects:

Portfolio and Past Projects

Looking into a developer’s portfolio along with the past projects they have worked on will help you to fully understand their level of skill and experience. Search for projects that are just the same like yours.

Knowledge of Best Practices

The developer should be aware of and follow the best practices for Vue.js development. This encompasses elements such as component structure, code structure, and handling state management with the Vuex.

Security Awareness

The developer should grasp the security implications with their code. They should be able to write secure code and know how to protect against common web vulnerabilities.

Problem-Solving Skills

Developers who are good at their job are also good at problem-solving. This will enable them to come up with effective solutions to complicated problems.


Think about the rates of the developer and your budget. Keep in mind the fact that the most inexpensive solution is not always the best. Quality is a top priority.

Experience with APIs

The developer should have API working experience. This is important in case you are integrating your project with other services.

Expertise in Vue Features

The developer should have a thorough knowledge of Vue.js features like the reactivity system, components, directives, etc.

The Vue.js Ecosystem We Used in Previous Work

General Frameworks and Libraries

We have worked with Vue.js frameworks and libraries that allow us to build the best components for projects, tools, and utilities for your enterprise apps.

  • VueX
  • Vue Router
  • Nuxt
  • Gridsome
  • Primevue
  • Vee Validate
  • Vue Apollo
  • Vue Resource

Backend Technologies

We redefine the architecture of your solution with superior backend technologies. Our expertise in the following backend technologies allows us to deliver apps tailored to your project.

  • .NET
  • PHP
  • RoR
  • Node
  • Java

User Interface Components and Styling

Our development teams also create UI component libraries and customize user interface elements according to project needs, and we also use ready made components which simplify and speed up UI development for Vue.js applications.

  • Vuetify
  • Weex
  • Element UI
  • BootstrapVue
  • Quasar Framework
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Buefy

Testing and Quality Assurance

We follow the highest quality standards, which allow our developers to write and execute tests efficiently. We also enforce code quality standards and detect security issues early on through proper testing.

  • Vue Test Utils
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Vue Testing Library
  • Vue Snapshot Testing
  • vue-jest
  • Storybook
  • AVA

Build and Deployment

We help you reduce build footprints and keep packages lightweight by creating, bundling, and optimizing project builds for Vue.js web app projects.

  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Vue CLI
  • VuePress
  • Vite

Database Management

We excel at using a variety of databases to secure and manage fundamental app data. The experts of our Vue.js development services skillfully deploy the following databases according to your applications objectives.

  • MySQL
  • Percona
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you collaborate with us for the hiring of Vue developers, we simplify and take care of common issues in advance. Here's a concise overview of the queries our partners frequently have and the solutions we provide:

How to hire a Vue Developer?
  • Be specific about your project requirements.
  • Evaluate the candidates’ technical skills in Vue.js and other related technologies.
  • Search for the developers who have the ability to work with your team and possess good communication skills.
  • Run tech tests to evaluate candidates’ problem solving and coding competencies.
  • Read references to find out more about a candidate’s professionalism, efficiency, and achievements.
  • You can try going to job boards like VueJobs, Glassdoor, or Indeed, or contacting an IT recruiting company.
What is the average salary of a Vue.js Developer?

In the USA, the average salary for a Vue developer is about $122,563 per year and the best candidates can get upto $146,600 per year. In India, the Vue Developer gets an average salary of ₹5.0 Lakhs per annum and if you are an experienced Vue developer it can go up.

What kind of qualifications should a Vue Developer have?
  • Possessing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field is usually mandatory.
  • A proven Vue.js developer with experience.
  • Portfolio of projects showcasing skills in the same areas.
  • Vue.js or JS certification will provide additional benefits.
What are the core responsibilities of Vue Developer?
  • Working on user-interface applications using Vue.js.
  • Designing modular and reusable components and libraries of parts.
  • Optimizing applications for performance
  • Integrating automated testing at the stage of development and maintenance processes.
  • Keeping myself informed about all new things in the JavaScript and Vue.js world.
  • Vigilant monitoring of security updates and problems found with Vue.Js and all the project dependencies.
What technical skills are needed for a Vue Developer?
  • Expertise in Vue.js framework and its main components such as components, reactivity and the Vue CLI.
  • Knowing of JavaScript and ES6 attributes.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and modern front-end technology.
  • Familiarization with Vuex for state management.
  • Exposure to Vue Router for routing.
  • Knowledge of server-side rendering with its benefits and use cases.
  • Familiarity with functional and object-oriented programming paradigms.
What are the ways to outsource Vue development?
  • Freelance Platforms: Sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal show a lot of freelance Vue developers.
  • Development Agencies: You can use a development agency that is an expert in Vue.js.
  • Job Boards: Sites such as VueJobs, Stack Overflow Jobs and indeed give you the platform to post job listings.
  • Outsourcing Platforms: Websites such as and Scalable Path offer candidates who have already been screened. You can also connect with us.