Only a few programming languages gained the popularity that PHP has. PHP, introduced approximately 27 years ago, is still widely used by start-ups and big enterprises. According to surveys, more than 77.6% of live websites are built on PHP.

Php market position

PHP is popular because it is user-friendly, efficient, and supported by almost all major hosting servers. As a result, many organizations outsource PHP development projects such as building websites, web apps, and more.

About PHP

PHP is user-friendly, so developers prefer this to create websites and web apps worldwide. Due to its cross-platform nature, it will also function on many OS.

You can think about outsourcing PHP development if you’re a startup or searching for a provider that offers outsourced PHP developers at a reasonable price. You’ll benefit from the substantial time and financial savings through PHP development outsourcing.

Do you know anything about PHP development outsourcing? 

Are you thinking about how it is going to work?


looking for ways to outsource PHP developers online? 

And many more questions would be there regarding PHP outsourcing work. 

Don’t worry; we will answer all these questions in this blog to let you know everything on how to outsource PHP development.

How to outsource PHP development companies?

Outsourcing a development company has proven to be a blessing in today’s dynamic marketplaces. 49% of businesses outsource their development work to free up resources for their primary business operations. 

56% of mid-sized business owners worldwide believe that service reliability is the deciding factor when selecting an outsourcing partner.

However, one needs to consider several things before deciding or getting the most out of the benefits. Failure, lost time, and extra expenditures may occur if factors are ignored.

Get clarity on the scope of your work

Write a detailed scope of work document before you even begin to outsource PHP development companies. You must choose your company’s objectives, the things it needs, and the most effective strategy to achieve the desired results. 

Decide your overall business objectives and create a clear road map for addressing the plans before you make a decision or even begin looking for one.

Check the outsourcing company’s website & portfolio

You must thoroughly evaluate an outsourcing company’s portfolio and website before deciding whether to engage a team of PHP developers from them. When looking at their portfolio to determine whether they have experience in the same field or not, keep your requirements in mind.

Analyze the company’s website to see what it offers in terms of quality, content, functionality, and other things. Verify the talent of the outsource PHP programmers. Visit the website to find out if their qualifications meet your requirements or not.

See whether they have done projects similar to your requirements through the work they have placed on their websites. You can choose to converse with them regarding your PHP project if you find a match with their prior work. You will benefit from having a realistic understanding of their work expectations.

Check about the industry experience

An outsourcing development company’s year of business experience, online reviews and feedback show their client’s satisfaction. It’s an indication that you should consider them. 

Positive reviews show that the business treats its customers professionally and ethically. It is crucial to understand how much experience an outsource PHP development company has before working with them. You’ll benefit from understanding the market-specific learning curve of their PHP developer’s expertise.

Communicate before hiring

Communicating with the outsourcing company before hiring can help to know the work practices because every outsource PHP development team has their unique working style. You should consider them as your PHP developers if it meets your standards. 

You can ask about their technologies and view their work to compare it to your company’s requirements.

Select outsource PHP developers team from an outsourced firm that uses cutting-edge web development technologies.

Ascertain about pricing

Sometimes outsourcing businesses give a cost estimate, but after the project is underway, there are a lot of unexpected costs. As a result, it is essential to be aware of all the costs at first. 

The company might later disclose specific additional fees that would push up your budget, which is not ideal. So, before outsourcing PHP developers, get the same assurance.

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a PHP outsourcing company

We’ve all learned how to outsource PHP development company. But here’s the catch: even when we know what to do, we make mistakes. 

Don’t worry. Here’s a list of the top mistakes to avoid when selecting a PHP development outsourcing company: 

Lack of Research

Tech start-ups make decisions primarily based on cost. Though it is a significant factor in decision-making, it is not the sole one. Companies’ most common mistake when picking a PHP outsourcing partner is failing to conduct sufficient research.

It would help if you also analyzed the outsourcing company’s portfolio, expertise, work strategy, reviews, work culture, comments, and other factors. You would need to conduct sufficient research on outsource PHP programmers to determine whether they are a good fit for your organization.

Ideally, it would help if you researched before you met the potential outsourcing partner for the first time. Only after thorough research and analysis can you tell whether the team of developers are suitable to work on your project or not. And the rest will become clear through communicating with them. 

Uncertainties in requirements

When business owners consider PHP development outsourcing, they frequently lack clarity around their needs. Project success depends on having a clear understanding of both business demands and project requirements. 

How can your work succeed if you don’t know what you want?

You might have a sketchy vision of your project. Still, you must present your PHP outsourcing partner with specific project needs. You can determine whether or not your PHP development project is moving in the proper direction using the requirements.

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You and your partner must also outline the project milestones and approval processes before your team begins working on it. Before developing a plan to carry out your idea, your outsourcing partner must understand what you want to achieve.

Lack of monitoring from your end

Outsourcing a PHP company implies that you are hiring professionals; however, this does not imply that everything will be in order at the end of your project. A lack of technical expertise on your end may cause significant hazards to the project. As a result, regular monitoring is critical.

This implies that you must have an in-house employee or a project manager who can manage and consult on your project.

Undervaluing testing

Testing is almost always an afterthought. This should not be the case, regardless of whether you opt for in-house or an offshore software development approach. Testing your project while in progress is critical to ensuring that your end product is strong and operates appropriately. 

In reality, a tester should initially be involved in the development process; otherwise, you will find a slew of bugs. As a result, ensure that your program is well tested.

Whatever you’re creating, testing should be an intrinsic part of the process from the start. Ideally, quality assurance should be performed by the same organization that works with you on development projects.

Cost of Outsource

Nowadays, organizations use outsourcing frequently to reduce operating expenses and streamline processes. The global outsourcing business is estimated to expand by $90 billion USD. Since 54% of companies worldwide prefer to use outside teams and resources.

PHP is a widely used coding language because of how easily and adaptable it can be developed. Both start-up businesses and enterprise-level businesses frequently choose it. As a result, PHP developers are in high demand worldwide, and techies knowledgeable in PHP have a promising future.

Outsourcing rates by country

Numerous factors affect how much PHP development outsourcing costs. Therefore, noting just one quote would be challenging. Additionally, each business or freelancer sets its own rates.

Destination Rates Countries
Latin America $25-$45 Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru.
Eastern Europe $30-$45 Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belarus.
Asia $15-$40 India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia.
Africa $15-$35 South Africa, Kenya Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt.

But the factors listed below have a substantial impact on outsourcing costs.

  • Skills
  • Project Requirements
  • Experience
  • No of Resources
  • Job-Position of Developer
  • Outsourcing country

Why should you think about PHP development outsourcing?

Outsource PHP development Benefits

Even with the best in-house team, many people still think about outsourcing PHP programming to complete their projects on time. 

And we can’t blame them because outsourcing offers many advantages that an internal team cannot provide.

Access to the global pool of talent

Since programming is a web development company’s main strength, it makes sense that these companies would have a staff of experienced and skilled PHP developers. Companies that outsource PHP development will get access to the expertise of seasoned developers worldwide. 

Any company could hire Remote developers full-time and form an in-house team. For start-ups, it is challenging to hire a group of devoted employees for a single project. Also, the high cost of employing seasoned developers is another challenge for startups. Due to the high expense of hiring qualified developers, most small and medium-sized firms fails to do so.

The lack of expertise in identifying and selecting the best developers is another significant obstacle to creating an in-house team. Hiring a developer can be a gamble if a company doesn’t already have a technical expert on staff.

PHP development outsourcing will resolve all these challenges. Through this, businesses can get expert development services at a reasonable rate for a fixed timeline.

Quick turnaround time

The ability to do tasks quickly is one of the most significant selling features of outsourcing companies, and PHP outsourcing companies are no exception.

Given how quickly the technology landscape is changing, it is essential from the client’s perspective to have a quick turnaround. This implies that there is a possibility that a product or application may become outdated by the time development is finished if it is not released fast. 

Also, there’s a potential that a competitor could introduce a competitive product and start benefiting from early mover advantages.

Many outsourcing development companies have teams with hundreds of developers in each domain. This means that they can assign as many resources as necessary to meet a project’s tight deadline, depending on the needs of their clients.


Development is a costly endeavor. However, using PHP makes it a little more affordable. This is due to PHP’s open-source nature.

Also, there are expenses for hiring developers, in-house infrastructure, and tools. Finding the right team of developers can be extremely expensive, as previously discussed.

In contrast, outsourcing to a development business means the development company will pay the recurring overhead costs of hiring and managing a dedicated development team. Their customers pay for the development of their application or website.

Robust support

Once the development is done, PHP applications need ongoing maintenance and modifications to operate optimally.

Poor user experience crashes, and other similar cases might result from a lack of in-house expertise. Over time, such issues may come, and the business has to prevent these challenges. 

For this reason, most outsourcing companies include ongoing support in their outsourced services.

As a result, businesses can launch the application or website with confidence. They know that competent developers collaborate to maintain the application’s functionality behind the scenes.


Development outsourcing is now a common practice. Top development firms have worked out how to make outsourcing a dependable option for creating websites or applications.

Development organizations now give their clients access to real-time updates on their projects. In addition, development businesses support their clients after a project is finished to ensure they don’t encounter any issues.

Faster operations

Production often proceeds much more swiftly when PHP development is outsourced rather than developed with an in-house team. The PHP web application does need planning time. 

Still, the outsource PHP developers team doesn’t get distracted by other duties like the in-house team because they are only given one project to work on. Because of this, they frequently execute products swiftly.

Increased security

Although PHP is a safe scripting language, this does not make it impervious to attack. Security will come first when you choose an outsourcing company to work on your product using PHP. 

Since these developers are knowledgeable and have years of experience using the language, they will be aware of the vulnerabilities and take steps to fix them. It prevents harmful attacks on your website or application.

In addition, they will implement security measures to consider any vulnerability.

Why is India the best country to outsource PHP development?

In this article, we’ll go into more detail about why outsourcing benefits web development. It is nothing new, and many businesses outsource their job simply due to workload or resource constraints.

global-destinations for development


Let’s look at some fascinating outsourcing statistics to see why India is regarded as a top option;

  • Over 78% of business owners are satisfied with their outsourcing partner, according to a global outsourcing survey carried out by IT giant Deloitte.
  • According to a report by Outsource2India, nearly 82% of US-based businesses ranked India as their top destination for software outsourcing.
  • Another survey indicates that 80% of businesses in nations like Europe and the USA select India for their outsourcing projects.


Of course, outsourcing might be a bit tricky regarding development services. Still, with the appropriate guidance, you can approach dependable and trusted PHP outsourcing businesses. 

You may reap the benefits of PHP development outsourcing work to well-established and professional organizations by engaging their PHP development specialists. Before outsourcing your project to any organization, you must evaluate many factors.

Hire skilled and dedicated PHP developers from a trusted Laravel development company whose knowledge matches your requirements’ grade to obtain beneficial collaboration from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why choose PHP instead of other programming languages?

    With PHP, there are fewer entry-level requirements than with many other languages because of the straightforward syntax and simple learning curve for command functions. It is open source, simple, and cost-free to install.

  2. Why should you outsource PHP development work?

    The number of skilled developers will be more in a development company. They are highly trained and capable of producing outstanding solutions. Outsourcing provides a pool of talented developers with new, innovative ideas and solutions. ideas and solutions. This might be seen as a critical benefit of outsourcing, given our in-depth understanding of PHP trends and our level of PHP experience.

  3. Which costs can be reduced by PHP development outsourcing work?

    Since there are fewer overhead expenses and employees, outsourcing frequently results in lower labor costs. Employing staff requires paying for salaries, office space, training, and other charges which would otherwise be saved by outsourcing.

  4. How can outsourcing boost productivity?

    In-house employees can focus on other crucial jobs while outsourcing the projects. They can commit more time to develop new products, maintaining connections, and doing other essential duties.