Google’s Programming Language, aka, Golang was introduced in 2009. And the first version was launched in 2012. Since the first version, it has focused on solving Google-size problems. Today, we’re going to explore the top Golang Web Framework.

Golang has become one of the mandatory tools for developers as they prefer it to solve complex problems. As per the recent statistics, 103 countries have participated in a survey, out of which 5,883 responses have been received, and it was observed that more than half of the respondents use Golang in their routine development.

Golang Survey Result

The above image indicates the popularity of Golang amongst users across the globe. The advanced version that comprises C++ and JAVA makes it a unique and preferable programming language.

Hire golang developers as it is a simple yet potent programming language that attracts developers globally. Also, the programming language doesn’t use normal frameworks. It has a different set of frameworks. Golang Web Framework stands apart from others in the IT industry.

List of Best Golang web Frameworks

Some of the famous companies that have accepted Golang in their Web App Development are Uber, Google, Twitch, Medium & Fabric.

Wouldn’t knowing the Pros and Cons of Golang prove to be a cherry on the cake? Let’s have a glance over it and understand how important they are while building a web app:


Pros of Golang Web Frameworks:

  • Static: It has a primitive type and structs that helps the programmers to detect the bugs easily. Also, it has in-built lists and maps that can be used while integrating in the web app.
  • Interface: Interface Types need to be satisfied with the method, and for that, struct plays an important role. Also, it makes code independent. Interfaces can help you in writing scalable and modular code. 

Cons of Golang Web Frameworks:

  • Non-attentive Community: The community doesn’t support the suggestion; neither they respond nor offer.
  • Generics: Golang lacks Generics. And that becomes a monolith for the one who is familiar with Java. Also, you cannot reuse the code which indirectly drains a lot of time. Moreover, the major drawback is that the functions you write for one type would not be reusable for the collection of another type.

11 Distinctive Golang Framework For Web App Development


Buffalo is a one-stop solution for all your web app development. It can become your helping hand in your web app development journey. From front-end to back-end, initiation to execution, it takes everything responsibly. 


  • Fast and Quick Web App Development
  • Hot Reloading
  • Keeps Close eye on.HTML and .go files
  • Live Changes
  • Bolster Data Migration
  • Large Community


Goji is known for its simplicity and ability to produce desired outcomes. Einhorn assistance makes it possible to have WebSocket in Goji. Also, it is known as the HTTP request multiplexer, just like net/http.ServeMux .


  • Lightweight 
  • Integrates middleware stack
  • URL patterns
  • Compatible with lean API
  • Web-socket support


Mango is a Golang Web Framework that is still operable by millions of users, but the irony is that it neither has an active community nor it is maintained. A single HTTP server object is the house of an application and a middleware. Also, it reuses modules of HTTP very conveniently.


  • The modularity of Mango is Popular
  • It doesn’t have active community but is usable by a large group of users
  • Straightforward framework


As seen in the above Go web framework, the Gorilla also shares similar characteristics, i.e., modularity. But the eye-catching thing is that it is the longest-running framework and has the largest community amongst the Golang frameworks. Net/HTTP makes it possible to reuse the components that save a lot of time.


  • Large Community
  • Scalability & Modularity
  • Bolster WebSockets
  • Efficient in Web App Development
  • Minimalistic Framework


Martini is a small and light but powerful web app framework. The developers can add new services to existing apps by using ‘reflection’ that allows programmers to feed in data into the handler function. Along with the community, it has >20 active plugins.


  • Include Handlers & Middlewares
  • Small, Active & Updated Community
  • Performs Basic Routing, Exception Handling & Serving Documents
  • Easily Integrates With Third-Party & No Need To Install
  • Supports Documentation 


Beego is one of the rapid web app development frameworks. It follows a model-view-controller pattern. Also, it doesn’t require third-party library integration. Bee is a tool that actively looks out for any modification in the code and automatically refreshes the task whenever it detects any changes.

Also, it has proven to be saving a lot of development hours because of its logging framework that helps in building the project faster.


  • Rapid Web App Development
  • No Need Of Third-Party Library
  • Saves A Lot of Time
  • Integrates ORM, built-in cache handler

Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic is simple and easy to understand. It focuses on significant features and libraries that make it 40x faster and quicker than Martini. Gin Gonic is the developer’s preferred framework as it helps them build web apps much faster.


  • Martini-like API
  • Performs REST APIs
  • Uses HTTP router for quick app development


Gocraft is a conservative yet popular Go Web Framework. The built-in middleware helps you write or add additional functionality in the web applications. Also, it boosts the performance of the project, which makes it a programmer’s favorite. 


  • Quick Routing
  • Perfect for High-Performance Application
  • Go mux and middleware package
  • Easy to write and simple to understand


HTTP or Net is a mandatory framework for programmers as they need it to build an XMPP server. Go mailing list is dependent on either HTTP or Net. Moreover, if you are planning to build applications, then middleware is also important. The community is large and active and always takes delight to share their insights.


  • Huge, Active & Helpful Community
  • Mandatory Framework for Building Apps
  • Open For Integration


Revel is one of the most popular web frameworks. It does not require installing, as it is an independent framework. Also, there is a plethora of built-in plugins and middleware that doesn’t require third-party plugins.

If you want to build an API then, Revel would be the best fit for you. It is self-sufficient and also has a vast community.


  • Full-fledged Framework
  • No Third-Party Plugins, Middleware, Configuration or Setup
  • Huge & Active Community.


Web.go offers a tree routing system despite being a lightweight framework. If you have a lot of routing to do, then Web.go would be an ideal option for you. 


  • Simple and Understandable
  • Lightweight Go Web Framework
  • Bolster Tree Routing
  • Routing via Relationship
  • Restricted to Necessary Features

The above-mentioned frameworks are vital and sufficient if you are planning to dive deep into Golang. Apart from Golang Web Framework, you should also see the major reasons Why Should You Use Golang?

  • Handles errors technically
  • Reduction in errors that makes execution of project easy
  • Faster & Quicker
  • No Extraordinary code required. Just simple code that rapidly develops the project
  • Easy & Simple to Understand for Juveniles

If you need support and want to execute any of these frameworks in your projects then opt for rent a coder India service to transform your ideas into actual results.

Final Words

Golang is an alternative to C and C++ programming languages. Moreover, Golang works best if you are working with bytes. The language is still young and under the developing phase, and we should wait and give time to the language to develop completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What do you mean by Golang?

    Golang is a statically typed programming language. Also, it is an alternative to C or C++ programming language. It was invented to improve the productivity of programming. It is open-source and lightweight.

  2. What are the uses of Golang?

    The Golang was explicitly built for resolving large-scale networking issues and also a large & widespread system. Also, it has emerged as the fastest-growing programming language.

  3. When should I choose Golang?

    If you are planning to build a project faster and don’t want to waste time, then Golang is the right choice. Also, it works well on miniature size services.

  4. Which are the Golang Frameworks?

    Many frameworks can help you build web-apps, but a few of them are as stated -Martini, Goji, Gin Gonic, Revel, Mango, Buffalo, etc.

  5. Is it worth learning Golang?

    Yes, the Golang is evolving and emerging. You can learn this language and excel in it. You can expect a bright future in learning Golang.

  6. What are the key benefits of Golang?

    The major benefit is that you can run two processes simultaneously. And not only two but multiple processes can be handled by Golang. Goroutine, garbage collection and channel play a major role in simplifying complex tasks.