Vue.js framework comes with many benefits. It is small in size and hence easy to install as well. It comprises simple design architecture and so even a fresh developer can understand it effortlessly. There are many VueJS Frameworks available in the market.

Vue.js is an outcome of inspirations by two giant JS frameworks React and Angular. That’s why Vue.js For Web App Development is a great combo.

If you are about to develop a cross-platform native mobile application using JavaScript then opting for the Vue framework could be the best choice. Now, let’s explore the top 25 VueJS Frameworks in detail.

Let’s Checkout Top VueJS Framework

1. Nuxt.JS

Nuxt.JS is a stubborn framework that can help in creating a plethora of dynamic Vue apps. You can develop any universal app and typical Vue single-page applications with Nuxt.

Although Nux.JS is a framework that belongs to the VueJS Framework, it is considered as a cover framework for Vue.js. That’s why many companies hire Vue developers so that they can use it and makes a great effect.

The performance of Nuxt.JS stands out to be the best with respect to UI rendering and cater multiple modes of server-side rendering, generating static sites or developing a single page application.

It comes ready-to-use with all necessary configurations and structure that makes the development easier and simpler for you.

Key Benefits:-

  • Create universal web apps without a hassle
  • Statical rendering of Vue apps
  • Automatic code-splitting
  • Awesome project structure
  • Auto-updating server

Companies Using Nuxt.js:-

  • Trivago
  • Alibaba Travels
  • Dr.Max Pharma

2. VuePress

VuePress is a static site generator and an excellent Vue.js framework, which is an own framework developed by the Vue.js team.

As we all know that Vue.js is popular for maintaining app development documentation in an organized manner, VuePress is developed to boost those official Vue Docs.

It follows a markdown-centred point structure and creates predefined HTML, which later is fed into a single page application.

You do not worry about the installation of VuePress because it is absolutely lightweight with no complexity and offers an uncompromising solution.

You can publish your website within no time, without being calculative since when you have started.

Key Benefits:-

  • Easy to install, use & understand
  • Organized project structure
  • Automatic routing facility
  • Compressed image previews
  • Support for markdown

Companies Using VuePress:-

  • IADC
  • Directus
  • CodeCarrot

3. Gridsome

Gridsome is also a static site generator framework powered by GraphQL and Vue.js together. It is available as an open-source and you have access to more libraries and get community support.

You can develop progressive web application software for any data source using Gridsome.

Moreover, you can connect it to CMS, local files or APIs that hang on to your Vue.js framework.

Gridsome lets you handle several activities of performance optimization by using pre-rendered HTML, code segregation, slow loading, auto-image compression and more.

Key Benefits:-

  • Easy to install, use & understand
  • Organized project structure
  • Automatic routing facility
  • Compressed image previews
  • Support for markdown

Companies Using GRIDSOME:-

  • Callrail
  • OMR
  • Content Studio

4. Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is one of the best eCommerce frameworks that allow you to create progressive web application software for any backend eCommerce tools such as Magento, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Pimcore, etc.

It not only helps you build a functioning store frontend but also makes it reach your expectations, based on microservice architecture.

It is again an open-source framework that provides new useful features and services depending on requirement i.e., similar to connecting your store with Alexa, Google Assistant or a GraphQL service by integrating voice commerce to it.

Key Benefits:-

  • High speed & performance
  • 100% offline support
  • Server-side rendering facility
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Horizontally scalable

Companies Using VUE storefront:-

  • Evolve Retail
  • Team Magento
  • New Fantastic

5. VueFront

With VueFront, you can effortlessly develop a SPA frontend for eCommerce sites and blogs.

Currently, it supports eCommerce website development using Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and WordPress as well.

VueFront gives you access to plenty of themes after you install and connect it to CMS.

These themes are ready-to-use for your frontend, at the same time, can be customized according to your needs.

Moreover, as the templates are structured using Atomic Design, VueFront could sound interesting for those obsolete/older online sites that wish to stay in trend technically without the need of building it from scratch.

Key Benefits:-

  • Available at a free of cost
  • Suitable for Single Page Application
  • Compatible with Progressive Web Apps
  • Ready to ship front-end
  • Easy to use and extend

Companies Using VueFront:-

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress

6. Vuetify.js

Vuetify is a material design component framework, especially used for providing an extraordinary user interface.

It is developers-friendly and allows them to create fast and efficient applications within no time. Applications developed using Vuetify.JS show consistent performance and smooth maintenance as well.

No more you need to worry about complex user interface implementations when you have Vuetify.

No matter if you are an experienced or a new developer, Vuetify.JS assists with required knowledge equally and sufficiently for all, technically.

It offers an easy-to-use interface such that users may find Vue.js-based apps cool and organized.

Key Benefits:-

  • Server-side rendering support
  • Plenty of premium themes
  • Support for business & enterprise
  • High-end accessibility
  • Support for RTL

Companies Using VUETify:-

  • Barogo
  • FinTech Consortium
  • Biting Bit

7. Quasar

With Quasar you can develop top-class responsive websites, PWAs, native-like hybrid mobile apps and Electron apps at the same time.

Quasar, powered by Vue.js, uses the same codebase. Developers find this framework very helpful as it offers more than 120 components that are simple as well as advanced.

Some of a few components are timelines, calendars, data tables, and more. If you are looking for modest framework technology, Quasar is your best choice.

Moreover, as it is available open-sourced similar to many other Vue.js frameworks, it gives access to a lot of libraries. It’s a fine VueJS Framework of all time.

Key Benefits:-

  • Plenty of utility APIs
  • Thoroughly organized documentation
  • Robust theme option
  • Support for desktop & mobile browsers
  • Customizable & extendable

Companies Using QUASAR:-

  • Jounce
  • Qrstore
  • Nitra

8. Vuesax

Vuesax has more Vue components in its library and visions on easily creating a stylish app.

It enables developers to produce apps with an interesting and amazing design that makes it unique among other attractive frameworks.

Vuesax is a newly released framework but has been on continuous expansion and development.

It offers abundant libraries for developers’ reference, especially for showing enhancements in the user interface.

When compared to other VueJS Framework, Vuesax is naturally stylish and induced with more features.

Key Benefits:-

  • Plenty of ready-to-use components
  • Adaptive design option
  • Markdown documents for maintainability
  • Highly customizable & flexible
  • The facility of server-side rendering

Companies Using Vuesax:-

  • Web Tools
  • Interesting
  • Nuxeo

9. Buefy

Buefy provides a wide range of UI libraries and is known to be carrying light design architecture.

It allows developers to access a lot of components for Vue.js that takes references to Bulma framework and design. Buefy functions as a JavaScript layer for your Bulma user interface.

It carries a 60KB file size for installation and hence is called light-weight.

Buefy comes in zipped format and does not have any internal dependencies such as specific system requirements or hardware installation.

It provides a keep-it-simple output, which you will be able to experience when you use it.

Key Benefits:-

  • Plenty of rich components
  • Small & lightweight
  • Free & Open-Source
  • Easy to customize SaaS
  • Great documentation

Companies Using Buefy:-

  • pwa-nuxt-express
  • True Doors
  • CubaPods Web

10. Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap is a popular word in application development. It Vue encourages very comprehensive incorporation of BootstrapV4 components and grid systems i.e. it makes use of elements within its limits that avoid dependencies to a great extent.

You get more than 80 user interface components and 30 plugins, which can be accessed by providing automated WAI-ARIA markup.

The best part with Bootstrap Vue is you can easily integrate into Nuxt.JS projects. Although Bootstrap Vue components are great and very supportive, it lacks by not providing advanced functionality.

Also, you should use components and styling on a need basis so that it does not make you fall down the line.

Key Benefits:-

  • Open-source framework
  • Ability to customize SaaS components
  • Integration with Nuxt.js
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Awesome data binding

Companies Using Bootstrap Vue:-

  • Ophigo
  • Channext Platform
  • Keymantics

11. Element UI

This is a common framework and toolkit often used in Vue.js, React and Angular.

More than being developer-friendly, Element UI favours designers and project managers. One good example would be offering axure or sketch templates.

Project management activities such as assigning of tasks, delivery deadlines, and transfer of tasks from one department to another department, etc. can be managed effectively with the help of Element UI.

Key Benefits:-

  • Well-implemented & easy-to-use components
  • Great for web and desktop apps
  • Well written & organized documentation
  • Plenty of ready-to-use components
  • Suitable for electron apps

Companies Using element UI:-

  • XICA Magellan
  • NestVue
  • Genetesis

12. Vue Material

Again comes one more light-weight VueJS Framework, which was developed based on the material design specifications.

The Vue material framework offers all-sufficient tools for developing beautiful and content-rich mobile and web applications.

You can get any materialistic design type of framework with Vue material in a matter of a few minutes.

It also has its great contribution towards designing themes for Vue Material Dashboard and Vue Material kit by Creative Tim that cannot be denied by anyone who loves it.

Key Benefits:-

  • Plenty of dynamic themes
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Simple as well as lightweight
  • Easy to use APIs
  • On-demand components

Companies Using Vue Material:-

  • Everything
  • Awesome GitHub Vue
  • Material Design Palette

13. Keen UI

You may not get an out-of-the-box styling with Keen UI, but definitely, it can offer you with excellently coded interactive components.

Otherwise, you will have to write JavaScript from scratch. Since it does not follow or have its own styling, you can easily blend it with any existing style or any open-source CSS framework.

It is inspired by Material Design and carries a light-weight collection of UI components. As it focuses on interactive JavaScript components, you can use it with any page layout or structure.

Key Benefits:-

  • Utilizes lighter components
  • Focuses on the interactive components
  • Useful with any page layout or structure
  • Very simple and easy to understand APIs
  • Availability of all essential UIs

Companies Using Keen UI:-

  • DroneDeploy
  • Caravelo
  • iCodebetter

14. Framework 7

Framework 7 is again one among the open-source frameworks through which you can build hybrid mobile apps that look identical to your native app.

It is highly featured for developing effective iOS, Android, and Desktop apps. Unlike others, this Framework 7 comes with a stunning and unreachable set of pre-defined UI elements.

Your user cannot find any difference between a native app and a hybrid mobile app. It provides divergent themes for iOS, Material Design and Aurora, which even simplifies the app development process with a native iOS or Android platform look and feel.

Key Benefits:-

  • Not dependant on any 3rd Party Library
  • Usability with Angular and React
  • Need to know the basics of JavaScript only
  • Supports faster development
  • Easy to develop apps with Android & iOS

Companies Using framework 7:-

  • Otelika
  • Ultracode Systems

15. Vux

Vux is a flexible framework that contains a collection of mobile UI components and depends on Vue and WeUI, to be used in a modest way.

In general, the Vux framework can also be termed as a JS library that is mostly used by the developers to build effective UI components and to optimize the existing UX.

When compared with all other frameworks, Vux is light and easy to use for app development. Vux library is currently available only in the Chinese language, but it is very extensive as well.

But to know how to work with Vux, you can look at the demo videos available in English when left with no choice.

Key Benefits:-

  • Highly flexible framework
  • Light and easy-to-use
  • Awesome for mobile components
  • Extensible and customizable
  • Plenty of demo videos

Companies Using Vux:-

  • Laravel Spark
  • Gitlab
  • Wizzair

16. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is similar to Framework 7 that offers a wide range of Vue.js components for developing hybrid and mobile web apps and makes it appear similar to native iOS and Android apps.

The mobile applications which tend to develop under this open-source framework Onsen UI will give the native app feelings and a Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

The components are pretty mobile-friendly such that they automatically adapt to the respective styles depending on the operating system of the device you use or the app is functioning on.

Key Benefits:-

  • The fastest way to build a hybrid mobile app
  • Native look as well as feel
  • Plenty of ready-to-use components
  • Performance optimized for mobile
  • Easy to learn, use and understand

Companies Using onsen UI:-

  • Aliseo
  • Monaca
  • Koko Demand Bus

17. AT-UI

AT-UI has got a decent review among developers for its uninterruptable performance. If you are looking to develop fast web application interfaces based on Vue.js, AT-UI provides you with a great modular front-end UI framework for the same.

AT-UI offers an exclusive library that comprises a node pack manager, web pack and Babel front-end development workflow and non-independent CSS styling for developers’ purpose.

Developer often refers to this UI framework as a friendly API that is used to develop a highly interactive interface platform in a consistent manner. Moreover, it is an open-source framework which can be used at free of cost.

Key Benefits:-

  • Modular front-end framework
  • Fast & powerful web interfaces
  • Highly suitable for desktop applications
  • Independent CSS styling

Companies Using AT-UI:-

  • Learning Laravel
  • Open EMIs
  • Apexure

18. iView

iView scores nearly 16,000 stars which means it is a better-performing Vue.js framework than AT-UI.

It provides loads of UI components and widgets that are developed using Vue.js and delivers the look of an app in a clean and elegant design.

iView has the farthest reach among developers and thus, keeps it active all the time when developing an application.

It consists of the CLI tool, powered by iView itself, which helps in creating projects in a visualized manner. You can take a chance by trying out developing an application using iView.

Key Benefits:-

  • Clean and elegant design
  • Widely accepted among the developer community
  • Comes with plenty of CLI tools
  • Dozens of ready-to-use UI components
  • Creating projects in a visual manner

Companies Using iView:-

  • Cloudflare
  • Typeform

19. Semantic UI

Semantic UI has a restrictive community, but whatever it has at present provides a loyal response and great enthusiasm to developers.

The community had more than 3000 themes since it was introduced and Semantic UI managed to grow much better within a short time period.

It offers more than 50 components for creating the attractive user interface and has taken over 3800 commits on GitHub.

It is again an open-source available for free access and has been used in cross-functional large scale production environments.

Key Benefits:-

  • Incredible level of customization
  • Highly semantic solutions
  • Quick as well as efficient
  • Consistency across all browsers
  • Follows responsive design philosophy

Companies Using semantic ui:-

  • Snapchat
  • Accenture
  • Kmong

20. Mint UI

Mint UI provides user interface elements for Vue.js by combining the components of both CSS and JS in order to develop mobile applications.

It gets a score of 11,000 stars for its overall performance. Once you import all the features of your app, it consumes only 30KB size compressing the entire coding and comes to you as a gzip file.

You can even do importing for individual components with Mint UI.

Key Benefits:-

  • CSS & JS components for building mobile apps
  • On-demand load management facility
  • Smoother motion on mobile devices
  • Highly efficient and easy to use
  • Extremely lightweight framework

Companies Using Mint UI:-

  • Entel Ocean
  • Insoft
  • Scale

21. Ant Design Vue

This is not a large framework but still, you can integrate Ant Design Vue with Vue.js for building enterprise-level backend products with a plethora of components executing the Ant design.

It also supports by offering a web pack-based debug built solution for ES6. But rumors are saying that the debug has not been developed for a while.

Though the authentication of that news hasn’t yet been confirmed, it is highly recommended for you to make use of Ant Design Vue only in circumstances where you definitely need it.

Key Benefits:-

  • UI design system for desktop applications
  • Out of box vue components
  • Supported by all modern browsers
  • Server-side rendering facility
  • Enterprise-level system

Companies Using ant design vue:-

  • QRPoint
  • Kaidee
  • Binance

22. Deep Reader

Deep Reader has got multiple benefits that make developers’ jobs a little easier.

It helps you with pulling out any sort of information from APIs, creating scope for integrating other widgets, showing the impact when a passage moves down.

Deep Reader also shows what passage can get down and how the passage gets down, providing additional information about the passage, displaying additional information based on selective words and existing user-specific information to APIs.

Hence it is known to be a highly modular VueJS Framework as you get everything you need from the backend.

It provides an enhanced design platform for creating online reading space for deep text reading. It encourages rich annotations and combined learning tools as well.

Key Benefits:-

  • Suitable for online reading documents
  • Support for rich annotations
  • Plenty of integrated learning tool
  • Highly module VueJS framework
  • Displaying accurate information

Companies Using Deep Reader:-

  • Robinhood
  • Dropbox
  • Stack

23. Vue Admin

Vue Admin is a panel framework which is inspired by Vue 2.0 and Bulma 0.3 versions.

It is used for creating a simple but effective dashboard for featuring user interface elements and components.

You can view the progress even in a graphical format that gives a rich look and clear cut understanding of the UI dashboard.

It even provides a free demo as to how to work with Vue Admin.

Key Benefits:-

  • Perfect admin solution for front-end
  • Utilized latest vue technology stack
  • Suitable for large and complex Single Page Apps
  • Simple to use and understand for developers

Companies Using Vue Admin:-

  • KMTX
  • Channext

24. Vum

Vum is an acronym of Visitor Use Management Framework. It is a user interface framework integrated with Vue.js for developing mobile applications.

Vum gives you separate columns for every single activity required for mobile app development.

It is easy and quick to install as it has a light-weight structure and a simple one that even a layman can understand using it.

In the about page, you get the live demo videos using a link, or you can even scan the QR code for instant live demo videos as well.

Moreover, the elements of the VUM framework are broadly applicable to provide a wide range of visitor use management and to tackle the related issues effectively.

Key Benefits:-

  • Support for page transition
  • Plenty of powerful components
  • Easy to use as well as extend
  • High-performance CSS animation

Companies Using Vum:-

  • Healworld
  • Star2Billing
  • Yousign

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25. Vulma

Vulma is again a Vue.js framework and user interface components that take the help of Bulma CSS library.

Often these libraries are available in the Chinese language, but you get the translation for the page and understand the basic know-how of using Vulma.

It consists of multiple components that let you break complexity in creating any customized symbols or icons.

It offers a guide to know how to work with Vuma and the setup and installation guide for the benefit of new developers or developers using Vulma for the first time.

Key Benefits:-

  • Multiple ready-to-use components
  • Awesome documentation
  • Extremely lightweight UI components
  • Semantic coding
  • Focus on usability & performance

Companies Using Vulma:-

  • Rubrik
  • Adviise
  • Hostocron


Vue.js framework was popular still many developers did not prefer using it for app development because it did not have great community support since after a few months it was introduced.

But now, it has shown great growth in the last 4 years with building sufficient libraries and a loyal community with prompt and accurate solutions for any challenges faced by Vue.js developers.

It may not be comparatively better than React and Angular but in terms of performance, Vue.js has also got great fans.

We hope you had a great experience reading this article and you can opt for Premium Vue JS Development Services to add value in your VueJS projects . Thank You.!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Is MDB Vue JS Framework Used For?

    If you're someone who wants to build mobile as well as desktop UI at once using the Bootstrap framework, then MDB is a great choice.

  2. Which Are Most Popular Vue.js Frameworks Of All Time?

    There are many popular Vue.js frameworks. Out of that top-notch ones are as listed follows:

    • Nuxt.js
    • VuePress
    • Gridsome
    • Vue Storefront
    • VueFront
    • Vuetify.js
  3. What Is NUXT Used For?

    NUXT is basically used for building server-rendered Vue.js applications. It helps you to manage the asynchronous data, middleware & routing.

  4. What Is The Best Choice For VueJS Native App Development Framework?

    Weex can be an awesome choice when you're thinking about the VueJS Native App Development framework.

  5. Is Vue Native A Good Mobile App Framework?

    Oh.! YES, Vue Native is an awesome choice for VueJS Mobile Framework if you're trying to build native mobile applications.