There is a complete transformation in the way doing business has evolved over the past two decades. Did you know that the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989 by Sir Timothy Berners-Lee at CERN significantly influenced the evolution of every kind of online business? With its arrival, few internet-based startups like Amazon and eBay stemmed into existence in 1994 and 1995 respectively.

In 1999, a study revealed that 81% of businesses had opened a website for themselves. Post 2010, the world of e-commerce witnessed a paradigm shift to mobile commerce. Today’s DIY cloud-based web development platforms have a worth of $24 billion in the US and are continually growing by a rate of 4.9%.

Whether a startup, product-based company or SME, businesses nowadays are coming up with various unique web app ideas and utilizing innovative technological solutions to launch commendable web app projects & services.

Thus, web development for online businesses is an ever-evolving process now and if you want to know which are the best ideas for web applications in 2024, then go through this article further.

Best website ideas for launching startups in 2024

We have jotted down 45 web app ideas for you. Thus, discover the best web app project ideas in 2024 below.

Payments Apps

Digital transactions in the form of UPI payments and digital wallets are having huge demand in the 21st century. Thus, there is a lot of development scope in this area and if you wish to explore this fresh opportunity, then you can come up with some exciting offers to make your payments service web-based application stand out among its competitors.

Some famous examples of payment apps are PayPal, Cash App, GPay, etc.

Online Pharmacies

This is another hot web application startup idea to make medicines available at people’s doorsteps. Globally, 3436 online pharmacy companies exist today with many being independent platforms.

Last year, in one of its biggest moves, Amazon entered the online pharmacy space to facilitate ordering of prescription medicines online.

GoodRx,Medexpress, NetMeds are some other examples of online pharmacies.

Accommodation Selection Service Providers

Want ideas for web apps to launch your own startup? Well, here is another idea to launch your accommodation selection assistance providing site.

You can help connect travellers with cheap and beautiful accommodation providers from all corners of the world and help them choose holiday homestays easily through the web app.

Airbnb is one apt example.

Dating Apps

The demand for dating apps is on the rise as they are fun and easy-to-use and help connect youngsters in a local area quickly. Thus, you can take this idea for a website if you want to draw the attention of the young crowd easily and make quick profits.

Examples of trending dating apps include Tinder, Bumble

Domain and Hosting Provider

This is another demanding area as people are requiring websites every now and
then. More than 1.5 billion websites are present on the world wide web. One key challenge for people often is finding the right domain for their website and also a super-efficient hosting service provider.

Thus, domain and hosting service providers come into the picture to make things easy for people.

GoDaddy is a popular domain service provider for buying new domains.

Hosting Providers include WordPress, BlueHost etc.

Website Builder

Those looking to start new businesses can also consider offering a website building web application for ease of customers who want to design their own websites quickly without spending whopping amounts on the developer’s fee.

With a website builder platform, customers can find website building templates, domains, and hosting plus marketing tools all in one place.

A well-known website building platform is Wix.

Blogging Website

Here is another trending website startup business idea for those who have a natural flair for writing. Bloggers can choose a wide variety of niches and start a blogging website quickly.

Common blogging niches include personal blog, food blogging, travel blogging, news blogs, informative or knowledge base blog, and many more. Blogs can be monetized easily too.

A known example would be Neil Patel’s blog.

Affiliate Marketing Site

Starting an affiliate marketing site is a brilliant idea for a website in this era. You can earn a commission for promoting the products & services of a brand. Becoming an affiliate marketer for Amazon is a prominent way of recommending products and writing product reviews.

Stock Investment Web Apps

Looking for more brilliant web app ideas? Starting a stock trading web application is another great way to start something new for yourself and earn profits.

This is because traders are often looking for websites that can expertly assist them with their trading and monitor their trading portfolios effectively.

Ameritrade is one of the best stock trading apps.

Crypto Exchange Platforms

Cryptocurrency is a rather novel concept in the world of the economy. With a market cap of $2 trillion, it is currently a booming field of business and trade. Therefore, it can present an opportunity of making higher gains in the near future.

Thus, those who have proper knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can start a crypto exchange platform for facilitating crypto trades through the web app or mobile app.

World-renowned crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, etc.

Ride-Sharing Web Apps

On-demand cab services and carpooling services have changed the way people commute to offices, parties, and airports all over the world nowadays. Thus, it has brought in a brand new idea for designing websites to provide cab service facilities and ride-sharing facilities to people in a city, country, or multiple countries.

Examples in this category would include Uber, Quick Ride.

Grocery Delivery Websites

Isn’t sitting at home and ordering groceries, vegetables, and fruits the most relieving thing at the end of a busy day? This business idea started just a couple of years back worldwide and has proven to be a blessing for people during nationwide lockdowns in several nations in 2020 & 2021.

Big retail giants and even startups have entered this business space in recent times to provide the convenience of shopping for essentials from the comfort of the customer’s home.

Amazon Pantry, Walmart, Big Basket, and many more have started such personalized services for their customers in recent times.

Meme & GIF Makers

Social Media is full of funny memes and GIFs. Therefore, this is a brilliant web development project idea in present times as there is a high demand for edited memes and GIFs. This business website can gain popularity quickly and turn out to be profitable.

Imgflip is one famous meme generator.

Music Streaming Web Apps

Who doesn’t love listening to good music? Music can beat blues and refresh the mind instantly. So, this is a brilliant web application idea in modern times.

A music website with an extensive library of popular charts and different kinds of playlists, podcast shows, radio channels, and a lot more will never let a musicophile feel down.

Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, YouTube Music are popular destinations for musicophile.

Food Delivery Apps

This web app project idea has proven to be a profitable business startup option due to the higher demand for hot meals on wheels services in cities and towns worldwide.

Some famous startups in this category are Zomato & UberEats.

E-Commerce Stores

In the third decade of the 21st century, surely there isn’t anyone from Alaska to Papua New Guinea Islands who hasn’t heard of e-commerce stores and the convenience they bring along with them to shop for almost everything from home and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Developing e-commerce websites can be challenging as it requires the integration of various technologies like AI, ML, and others.

Needless to mention, Amazon is one such world-famous e-commerce store.

Flower & Gifts Delivery Web App

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, and just name any other reason that you want to celebrate impromptu, you can always find and order flowers, cakes, gifts, chocolates on such websites.

Ferns N Petals is one such popular web app destination to order gift deliveries quickly and hassle-free.

Utility Service Providers

When in urgent need of furniture repairs, house cleaning services, babysitters, dog walkers, electricians, plumbers, and several other utility services, these web apps come handy for customers.

UrbanClap is a prominent company based on this web development project idea.

Project Management Website

Project Management websites are frequently needed by big corporations and even smaller organizations. PMP tools facilitate management of offshore projects, helps in tracking remote work, eases work allocation process, helps team members collaborate and work in an organized way, and also takes care of the budget allocation.

There is a huge scope of development and technological advancement in this area and hence this niche presents an impressive opportunity to launch a new web-based tool.

Well-known web-based PMP tools are Trello, Asana, etc.

Email Marketing Site

This is another excellent website idea for launching a startup of your own. Email marketing is at its zenith where businesses are always in need of decent automated email marketing web applications that can manage their email marketing campaigns easily on their behalf and help them generate leads.

Mailchimp is an existing tool in this category.

Used Goods Buying & Selling Platform

Selling & buying used furniture, electronic goods, automobiles, and many more products are now easy with such platforms. Such websites are designed in a way to connect buyers and sellers locally or city-wise for ease of business and transportation.

A popular web application in this category is OLX.

Customized Items Web App

Nowadays many people are interested in buying and selling customized hand-made products. Designing such a platform is therefore another nice idea for web apps.

Etsy is one such site that offers worldwide shipping of customized products.

Itinerary Maker Site

Here is another interesting idea for a website as this is still a fairly new concept and applicable in the area of local tourism. Designing such platforms is easy. These sites come handy for tourists as it can help them with route suggestions. Tourists can also refer to these sites to see what they can do at a place during their vacation.

Shopper’s Guide

This is ideal for shopaholics who can start a website of their own to provide shopping tips, guides, product reviews and recommendations, and to address product-related queries of other shoppers.

Language Translation Website

This is another great web app idea for providing language translations in real-time and can come to traveller’s aid immediately in far off places.

Duolingo is a preferred app in this category.

Virtual Meeting Websites

Another useful web app that can be created in these times are virtual meeting and video conferencing apps. These apps are made for hosting remote virtual meetings and online classes as well.

Zoom and Skype are frequently preferred applications for conducting online classes, online remote interviews, and video conference meetings in corporates.

Online Video Games

In the era of high-end immersive video games, designing a web-based video game platform has the potential to become a prolific business quickly. The “Best Debut Game” was awarded to Raji, an Indian Game at The Game Awards 2020.

Head to the hottest online video game destinations like,, etc.

Interior Designing Website

Nowadays several web apps are available to help people design their homes aesthetically. Thus, if this is your area of interest, then you could certainly build such a website. Besides this, architectural websites are also another great startup business idea.

You can take help of websites like Apartment Therapy to design your home.

Health Monitoring Web Platform

You can design a health monitoring web-based application that can track all routine checkups and monitor the body vitals like heart rate, BP of the concerned person and recommend them intelligent health suggestions accordingly.

Transport Booking Web Apps

Are you still wondering what other excellent web app project ideas exist? Well, do not miss this web app business idea. Design a flight, train, or bus booking web-based application and make unimaginable profits as people are in need of such apps always for finding last-minute travel bookings.

MakeMyTrip is one such all-purpose ticket booking application.

Restaurant Reservation Web App

Web applications that can help people with restaurant reservations are quite in-demand and present another fantastic opportunity for starting a business by developing a restaurant reservation website for a particular place or for multiple cities operations.

Zomato helps with restaurant reservations as well as food deliveries.

Event Booking Website

Offering the convenience of booking movie tickets in the nearest multiplex, cricket matches, or tickets for the latest rock show in town is now made easy with event booking websites. Therefore, this makes another competent web-based business idea.

BookMyShow is one such booking web app.

Chatbot Hosting

AI chatbots are replacing technical support personnel for providing chat assistance to customers. Hence selling chatbot services is another effective website idea. You can build chatbots with the help of machine learning.

BotHub.Studio is one such chatbot hosting service for developers.

Job Portals

Finding recruiters in various companies and also finding the right candidate for the job is quite cumbersome at times. This is where job portals come into the picture which connects job seekers with recruiters.

LinkedIn, Glassdoor are such international job portals and network building platforms.

Digital Virtual Assistants

AI and ML-based digital personal assistants can be designed to help people with easy task management. Typical features of such virtual assistants include calendar management, daily reminders, scribbling notes, and a lot more.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant have become household names nowadays.

AI-Browser Cookies

Cookies can ease your life largely by telling you which device is returning to your platform again and again. AI push would make your system better.

So try making your business around this all-new AI browser cookies and earn a good profit out of it.

Parking Space Finder

Parking space finder apps ease the job of drivers and finding space is easier now with these apps. You can try to launch a newer parking space finder website and app to gain profit out of it.

Safety Alert Web App

Safety apps are making waves since these apps come with a lot of options including the activation of the SOS buttons with voice or touch and alarm facilities.

You can suitably plan to work around launching a safety alert web app as it is quite a lucrative option today.

A wonderful example of a safety alert web app is BSafe.

Astrology Web App

Astrology had never been easier as it is now. This is another web platform that can give you profits as the number of astrology lovers is anticipated to increase in the near future.

Cafe Astrology is an apt example of an astrology web app to which you can refer to derive an idea.

Movie Review Provider

These review sites have saved a lot of people’s time and energy, since they tell you what you can expect from a certain movie. Thereby, people can decide for themselves whether they want to watch a certain film or not.

Being on this platform will bring in a lot of scope in the near future for you, so why not make a profit by creating a movie review provider website?

IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes are two such examples of movie rating and review providers.

Book Review Provider

Book reviews can tell the readers what they can find in the book and thus decide if they wish to read it or they would want to move on with another book. If you are a book lover too, start building up and designing a book review provider website for a profit.

Goodreads is one such platform and can give you an idea of what you can do harnessing this idea.

E-Learning Platforms

These platforms are strengthening professionals and their growing need for knowledge. These kinds of business websites can easily gain prominence, profiting you more than you can fathom.

Nowadays, knowledge sharing has become a hot trend in the world and selling anything anyone knows through e-learning platforms or zoom sessions, or even Instagram videos are the key to make quick earnings.

Therefore, those who are willing to take the risk and launch individual edu-tech platforms can find a lot of scope in this area of website development.

LinkedIn Learning, >Udemy,and Domestika are some of the best e-learning platforms in the world.

Blockchain Developing Website

Blockchain is the new popular household name. The craze of building blockchains has recently caught fire, a business in blockchain technology development website can be extremely profitable today.

Cardano and KardiaChain are some of the best website ideas for creating new developments in blockchain everyday.

Career Guide Site

With the population meter rising more and more, people are trying to understand their best career path. Creating a website that can help people decide on their career can also generate a lot of profit for you. is a popular career guide.

Online Tutoring Web App

With COVID-19 setting in, people have become more homebound and thus the world is witnessing a rise in demand for online tutoring facilities. If you open up a website to bring students and teachers together, then it can become a nice business opportunity for you as well.

Byjus is one such popular example of an online tutoring web app.

Summing Up

So, you came across a number of trending web development project ideas in this article. E-business has evolved alongside advances made in web development. Today, people are launching different websites to address a range of problems for the world. Thus, hopefully, you could take your pick from the above-provided listicle to launch your own web app business.

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