We live in an era where technology changes drastically. It has been so easily moulded in our everyday life that we don’t even resist the change nowadays, which we used to do earlier. Today, we’re going to talk about the apps built with react JS.

The dynamicity of advancement in technology has just fit into our lives like a new normal. For instance, when a new app is installed on our devices, it happens very soon that we see a new notification of the upgradation.

Enhancing consumer experience has become paramount for industry giants like Netflix, Whatsapp, and many more with the help of new frameworks and trends.

ReactJS is one such framework used by many big shots to strengthen customer satisfaction and maintain their brand equity. It is helpful in making a mobile-friendly application for better consumer use.

15 Leading Companies Using React JS


Facebook developed and architectured the React JavaScript library and therefore is the one making the best use of it.

The mobile version of Facebook, which we are using, is built with React JS from one of its tools, known as React Native.

Any Premier ReactJS Development Company can help you to develop such classic apps within a limited time period.

And not only that but React is also used in making their webpage. In fact, Facebook also recently rewrote ReactJS, called React Fiber.


One of the platforms which can be classified into react apps is Instagram. Instagram needs no introduction.

It is one of the photos as well as a video-sharing application used by many. It is also one of the classic apps Built With React JS.

Since 2015, as soon as React Native was open sourced, a lot of features were introduced to enhance the user interface.

They ported push notification views and many other features like pop-out tags, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy, etc.

Instagram has fully transformed itself with the help of the ReactJS library, making users addicted to their amazing features.


Because of the attributes which the ReactJS has, Netflix has been drawn towards it.

Its ability to do modulation, provide high startup speed, and, of course, better runtime performance has made Netflix adopt ReactJS.

Netflix uses React on their Gibbon platform, which is used for TV devices having low-performance.

New York Times

New York Times has been serving its customers with the best content they generate, but they realized it isn’t enough.

To have a differentiating factor, the New York Times decided to provide the best digital experience to their subscribers, and what they thought of using was ReactJS.

With the help of React native, NY Times refactored their webpage. Not only that, a few months ago, a new project was designed by the New York Times replicating different looks of stars on the Oscar red carpet.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is an email service that provides services like message storage, email search, contact lists, personalization, spam blockers, and virus scanning.

Since Yahoo is owned by Facebook, it is clearly evident that Yahoo will make the best use of ReactJS, which is again created by Facebook.

With ReactJS, the developers find it easy to do coding and improve the consumer experience of Yahoo mail. It will also help them in improving their consumer base.


Whatsapp web client takes its basis on the ReactJS library.

Also, there are many other features of Whatsapp, where it uses ReactJS along with Underscore.js and Veloci-y.js, which it was using earlier to give results.

This has made WhatsApp come in the category of React apps.


It is one of the learning platforms which conducts interactive classes in 12 different programming languages. It has been using the Facebook library in and out.

ReactJS is one such javascript library that the company has given great importance to. With the help of ReachJS, the app developers of this app have designed their menu, header, and even their navigation system.

The features of ReactJS that attracted the company were the combat-proven scripts, ease in search engine optimization, legacy code compatibility, and modulation benefits.

It has also incorporated the ReactJS course on its website for the learning of other people.


Dropbox is a service that an American company provides to ease people’s workload by providing services like cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, etc. It started using ReactJS for quite some time now.

The reason why dropbox shifted to ReactJS was its advantages. ReactJS provides its users with smaller file size and fast reloading speed, making the application user-friendly.

It also provides backup solutions online, along with cloud-based storage service, giving a lot of companies like drop boxes a reason to shift towards it.

Discovery VR

Everyone has watched discovery channels on TV networks and visualized the new discoveries that they show. Now, with Discovery VR they have gone a little further to get ahead with this digital era.

Discovery VR is a virtual reality app that is available on iOS and Android devices. And guess what, it is one of the Companies Using React which provides you with all these experiences.


A lot of you might be using Myntra, and for some, it may be their favorite fashion site to shop on. It is built with react.

The question arises, what is the role of ReactJS here and what makes Myntra so special and appealing to its users, providing them with their best shopping experience.

And the answer to this is their convenience, a beautifully designed application built with React.

The way in which everything displayed on your screen systematically, whether Android or iOS, makes the user click on their application from time to time even if they don’t feel like shopping.

One of the tools which Myntra uses, React Native, which has given an amazing look to the catalogs and their profile. React.js development services offered an amazing UI and UX to all Android and iOS users.


Discord is a platform for gamers to communicate within themselves by using images, texts, or videos while they are playing the game. And all this is possible because of the React application.

In fact, 98% of the coding is with the reactJS library so that discord can provide a better conversation experience to their gamers who are using other applications to play their game.

This application is also very friendly to any android or iOS device and all because of the building with react.


Airbnb is a service platform built with react made to connect people who are looking to rent out their property to the people who are looking for a place to stay in that area.

Now, what is ReactJS used for? Airbnb uses React throughout its website for providing ease in search function and also in communication.

Airbnb is one of the best and quite popular applications using React Native to develop their web page.

In fact, Airbnb’s research team appointed almost 60+ developers to work and prepare their app using React technology. They reused React code so that they can modulate it whenever needed.


Pinterest is an American company providing image sharing and social media services to discover new information along with enabling its users to save them.

The users have access to all the information, which is in the form of GIFs, images, or videos collected in their pinboards. And all of this can happen because the application is made on React.

One of the React UI components known as Gestalt, which is also open-sourced, was used in designing The Pinterest web app. React native is another library that Pinterest uses for designing their mobile application.


PayPal is a popular payment gateway that many use to complete their transaction process. So now, the next but the foremost question is what is the role of ReactJS here?

Paypal is also one of the companies using react to provide better consumer experience in their mode of payment. They have integrated React in such a way that it has made the application mobile-friendly.

They have used two codebases; the one is PayPalExpressCheckOut.js’ which helps in the configuration, and the other one is the PayPal payment button in your web app.


Reddit is a social news platform built with react where users can upload their content on a certain topic that they desire to share, and on that topic, people can vote up or vote down and even have discussions on that.

It is one of the platforms that is using react. To ease the sharing of content, Reddit uses react application, which helps them easily put on content.


Every company is trying their best in making client applications so that they don’t lose out to their clients, especially the loyal ones for not providing them ease in using the application and also innovative technology.

React is one such platform that any organization easily incorporates for improvising its application or webpage. That’s why it has gained so much popularity in such a short period. You can also hire ReactJS Developers India to build one for you.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it will be helpful for any React Developer. Thank You.!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which Companies Are Using ReactJS?

    There are many famous companies that are using ReactJS as their prime technology. Some of the popular ones are as follows:


  2. What Can I Do With ReactJS?

    ReactJS is primarily used for building user-interfaces especially for single-page applications. It can build a view layer for web/mobile apps.

  3. Is React An MVC Framework?

    The simple answer to this question would be NO. ReactJS is not an MVC Framework, it allows you to reuse the components for building smart UI.

  4. Is ReactJS Front-End or Back-End?

    ReactJS is basically a front-end library that runs in the browser. Any web server can host with the utmost ease.

  5. Does Facebook Make Use Of ReactJS?

    Yes, Facebook does make use of the ReactJS framework for building a variety of components. In fact, WhatsApp & Instagram are also built on react.