React JS library has taken a huge leap since it came into existence. Many industry giants shifted to ‘react’ after its introduction. However, developers usually have a hard time identifying the source to build their application. Today, we will explore the React Libraries in detail.

Although there were numerous libraries present even before ‘React’ was introduced. Still, developers were not able to get the libraries suitable for their application.

When the ‘React’ library came into existence, things got pretty simple for the developers. The ease through which applications have built without compromising on performance. That’s why ReactJS has been popular in the last few years.

It has allowed developers to explore other things as well. It helps businesses by generating a better user interface and provides the chance of growth.

What Is React?

It is an open-source network of JavaScript libraries. Developers use these to form web plus mobile applications. Facebook created it and is accessible by many.

Combining React with other libraries like Redux is very easy and beneficial for the developers to generate better UI. Thus, it is one of the best choices for them.

Best React Component Libraries


Rebass is one of the most popular libraries which provides user interface components. They are very useful for developing applications. It isn’t about UI components, it has multiple features for its users such as:

The Library is based on styled system components, which means while developing the software, the user will find ease in customization. It will be one of the best developer experiences.

As soon as you start using the Library, you’ll find it easier to adapt, which will drive your excitement of developing an app to the next level because a great start guarantees a beautiful end.

Designing applications with Rebass is quite easy. It provides simple ways to inculcate in your application, and you get used to the syntax and the codes present in the Library. This Library can also combine with other React JS libraries to enhance the performance of the application.

Rebass also has a feature called ‘ThemeProvider’ which helps you to install themes that can provide a great user experience.

Regarding its popularity, Rebass has got over 6k stars on GitHub and over 30k weekly downloads on NPM. You will never regret it when you hire dedicated ReactJS developers for your next project.

Ant-design components

Rebass provides miniature UI components limited in features. Ant-design components Library is way better and huge than that.

Ant-design presents a wide list of components that can be used by the developers to design their application the way they want. It is quite surprising to know that over 50 customizable props this Library has to offer to its users.

Besides, these components generate the design language. It is one of the libraries that offers a wide variety of components used to generate a better user interface.

As you know, businesses try to grab the attention of masses. This Library can very well combine with other React JavaScript libraries.

Ant-design components have gained wide popularity by getting 53k stars on GitHub and also 6k weekly downloads from NPM which is something to notice.

React Bootstrap

Ever used the old bootstrap React Javascript Library and appreciated its pre-styling and programming User interface components?  Well if you like that, then you’ll adore the React bootstrap library.

As it is one of the best react libraries that provides all those features but follows its pattern. This component library also incorporates a blend of CSS and JavaScript skills to provide you with a much better User Interface.

It is one of the best replacements for Bootstrap Javascript. It creates each component from the start independently.

The fact that this modified version is gaining popularity for its UI components. They are much more advanced but still give you the feeling of the original bootstrap library.

If you are looking forward to adding Bootstrap to the react app. Then the best way to do that is either use the bootstrap CDN or go for the react-bootstrap package.

Now talking about popularity, React Bootstrap has gained over 16.7k stars on GitHub and is high in downloads from NPM with over 470k times per week.

Material UI

Material UI is the Library that Google has created, which is open-sourced. But the bonus is that the Library it provides can merge with React. The Library can implement material designs on react projects along with providing simplicity.

Material UI is a flexible library that provides benefits such as animations, beautiful layout, and dark theme options which adds more visual flexibility for developers.

It also includes features such as delicate skeuomorphism that makes it different from other libraries that provide simple flat designs.

The components are also built, keeping in mind the mobile-centric audience. Thus, it is one of the exclusive libraries that has been built for users.

With so many benefits, it won’t be a surprise if you see that Material UI has reached over 52k stars on GitHub and over 800k downloads per week on NPM.

React Spinner

It is a collection of loading spinners based on Halogen. Unlike all the other libraries, this Library has something different to offer.

React Spinner or loaders are entertainment factors to keep the visitors engaged while the page is loading so that the visitors do not feel the urgency to leave the page at the same time making the user experience better.

The Library may not have many different top React components like others. But the thing that it provides is very useful and is a win-win situation for the developer as it is engaging the customer and at the same time making them happy.

The Library has a list of over 20 React loaders to offer to its users. Therefore, it is one of those things to have a look upon.

So its exciting features get 1k stars on GitHub and 69k downloads every week. Make it one of the most popular React libraries. It is safe, useful, and loved by most people.

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React is a framework that offers top React components used for theming the websites. The framework helps to build amazing websites enabling various setting options.

This Library is also well documented, providing a lot of sources used or followed. Unlike Bootstrap, this Library is full of customizable elements so that you do not lack anywhere in your creativity.

Despite having some great features, this Library also lacks certain things such as it is a bit complex. While using it for someone who does not have a handover, JavaScripts might find it difficult to use.

Apart from that, this is one of the best react component libraries, which is mobile-friendly and provides an amazing user experience when utilized. Also, this Library is compatible when it comes to using it to react.

This particular Library has over 10.6k stars on GitHub and downloads over 100k times every week from NPM. That makes it one of the best react component libraries.


When it comes to developing an application that is well designed and requires less time and effort. Consider it one although the Library hasn’t gained much popularity.

As you know, having a well-designed website with a fast loading speed isn’t quite an easy task. The developers require the help of designers who know how to make the website look beautiful. If the website is not appealing enough, all the back end work of the developer will go to waste.

Therefore this Library can be very useful for developers who do not want the help of designers. The Library offers features such as a design kit, icon set, keyword navigation, etc. To make the task of the developers easy.

Grommet has over 5.6k stars on GitHub and while the NPM downloads are over 16k times per week.


Gestalt is a Pinterest developed UI component. For offering an undisturbed and continuous flow of communication between developers and designers. It’s a Best React Component Library.

It enhances the user experience. The components in the Library can bridge the gap in communication. The components of Gestalt can very well merge with other react libraries.

When it comes to GitHub, the Library has gained over  3.3k stars, but it isn’t that appreciated by the NPM community.

Therefore it barely has over 800 downloads a week. Still, this React component library is highly recommended. You can have your judgment before using it.


FABRICS React is another wonderful React created by people from Microsoft. It is a Group of React-based components created to give you a consistent and easy web experience by using fluent design and development language.

It helps you to have user experiences like an office. Fabric React is available on all platforms like desktops, mobiles, laptops, and it is even used in sites like OneNote, Office365, etc.

It is not as popular as other react libraries, but it is doing an okay performance. It also has over 6.2 stars on GitHub, and it has over 77k downloads over NPM per week.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is the first react library which has mobile design on their mind. The React library is pure JavaScript and does not have any framework dependencies.

If you are planning to use this UI on your phone, it allows you to create robust UI experiences without much effort.

It also provides you with an out-of-the-box experience on all platforms. This cool react library has over 7.2k followers on GitHub and 12k downloads of NPM per week.

React Virtualized

React virtualized solves one problem at a time. This is a rendering of the tabular data and list on your page.

Their web page consists of a very simple yet powerful demo in which you can play around. It also shows the power that this Library brings into the mix.

Even though you change the numbers or add a lot of hard elements to your list, you can find how easy it is to adapt.

This React library has over 17.5k stars on GitHub. They also have almost 460k downloads per week!


When Onsen UI had the idea of mobile-first design, Blueprint was thinking the other way around.

Palantir Company, which focuses on creating a lot of ways in which people can connect and browse various data.

Blueprint is like React Virtualized, but it shows a bit more than showing data. Blueprint UI contains over 15k stars on GitHub, and it is quite popular. This react component library also has over 100k downloads per week from NPM.

React Desktop

React Desktop tries to mimic the experience we get from the desktop for the web. This feature is what makes React Desktop so unique. It produces an exact copy of the desktop experience.

This is done through JavaScript. You can create actual desktop applications and also add a new feature or a new look to it.

If you want to develop desktop applications with the least effort, React Desktop is highly recommended for you.

React Desktop has over 8.5k stars which are quite amazing being a quick effort. It only has around 600 downloads per week because of its complex features.

Evergreen UI

The developers at Segment first developed Evergreen UI. The best and most appreciated feature of Evergreen UI is its detailed explanations of the design decisions.

This cool React Library provides all the elements required for the building essential features of a web application.

Evergreen UI is for its simple and easy workings. A person can start making elegant and beautiful user interfaces pretty quickly.

This React component library has gained wide popularity worldwide. It contains over 9k stars on GitHub, and it also has about 100 contributors.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a simple, efficient, and modular user interface. It is accessible anytime, anywhere. It gives you all the essential components required to build React applications.

Chakra UI has features like “Box” and “Shack.” It helps you to change your component styles easily.

It helps you to create simple and composable components that have real-life UI design. The coolest feature of Chakra UI is that it is also available in Dark mode.

Over the past few months, Chakra has earned over 4k stars on GitHub. It also got a lot of positive support from top React developers .

Create React App

A command-line interface developed by the world-famous Facebook developers. This interface easily allows you to create React JS Project.

This interface is a must-have for all the React projects as it saves a lot of time. We can lose in configurations and other problems like manual setup mistakes.

You need one command to run the Create React App, and it does all the work for you. It builds a lot of catalogues and files and necessary tools required for the start, test, and launch of your app.


MobX is a library that makes state management simple and effective. Every Library focuses on preventing the developers from modifying the state. But it has a unique feature that makes sure that everything extracts.

It reacts to any existing observable property found during the execution of the described function. React, and MobX work hand in hand and they are both very powerful when together. MobX helps to store and update the application state.


An enzyme is a component created to test React Components. The testing of components is a hard part for every developer.

There are a lot of problems that occur during the test. But by using Enzyme, most of these problems are now solved.

Airbnb Team created the wonderful UI Enzyme.

It is now released as an open-source in 2015. You can manipulate and even stimulate the runtime given the output.


Redux is very similar to Mobx. It is used for state management in any react application.

It works really well in combination with React where there is a need to manage complex and large scale applications.

With the help of Redux, you can connect the every component directly to the state and therefore, there is no need for using props or callbacks.

Redux Form

If you want to implement customized complex forms easily, then the best tool you could use is the Redux Form. This is made to work with Redux, which is obvious from the name itself.

When compared to the other similar tools, this tool is the best because it is very easy to use and very efficient.

It is also a well-performing solution. You can write your forms and components without reducing flexibility.

React DnD

If you want to build complex drag and down interfaces, the best tool for it is Redux DnD. You could choose it without any confusion. Y

You can find a lot of Drag and Drop Libraries, but Redux DnD stands out from all because of its build on top of the latest HTML5 5Drag and Drop API.

But there is also a major drawback for this Library. Even though it looks like a super cool React Library from other cool React Libraries, it does not support Touchscreens.

React Intl

Everyone has different languages that they speak and each language is unique in its manner. They have different rules and regulations.

Adapting accordingly on an international project is very hard and also very time-consuming. Why fear this problem when React Intl is here?

Yahoo created React Intl to make globalization as easy and straightforward as possible. React Intl includes all the ready to use components, date, time, etc. which makes it very user friendly.

Material Kit React

Material Kit React builds a set of components that gives it consistency. The main feature is its consistency. This feature helps in retaining a similarity in functions and also its appearance.

This kit contains all the basic elements that are the necessities that a user requires. These elements include things like Buttons, Badgers, sliders, etc.

You can even customize the size, style, and colour for most of the elements. If you have any old bootstrap projects, you can restyle them using this Library. How wonderful is that!

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React Admin

The best for Business to Business (B2B) applications and can also be customized by design.

React Admin is also built with the integration of several projects like React, Material UI, Redux, etc. This is another popular form of state management.

There is an enterprise solution in which it gets support from its creators Marmelab. They get access to private modules.

This Library is still very maintained and is also very popular as it is very useful for enterprises as well.

Shards React

Shards React is an Open source that aims at the fast performance. The modern design present in this library allows you to change a lot of things; even up to code level too.

Shards improve the developer experience. Shards include toggle buttons, other toggle inputs, and even range sliders.

With these too many features, we can create different types of websites using Shard React.


Here we look at the various best React Libraries. We could find which one is suitable for an enterprise or any other user. These libraries contain the Top React Components from the list of libraries worldwide.

As in this article, you might have understood that React possess effective as well as rich component libraries as compared to other technologies. If you need any support, hire dedicated programmers to implement these  components and achieve effective solutions with ease.

These Libraries help you to have a better user experience. It helps out from difficult situations by de-stressing your work. You could save a lot of time by using these libraries and also help you to increase the company’s efficiency. There are too many options that you will love.

We hope you had a great experience reading this article and it proves to be a great value for any ReactJS Development Company. Thank You.!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How To Add React Libraries In Webstorm?

    Select an already configured interpreter from the list or you can choose ‘Add to Configure’ for a new one. Now, from the create-react-app list, select npx create-react-app OR you can make use of NPM for installation purposes.

  2. What Libraries To Use With React?

    There are a lot of libraries that you can use with React or ReactJS. Some of the most popular ones are as listed below:

    Ant-design components
    React bootstrap
    Material UI
    React Spinner
    Semantic UI React

  3. whats the main purpose of creating React?

    The main purpose behind the creation of the React was efficient state management. React is modular & fast and therefore, it makes the job of the developer very easy compared to other technologies.

  4. Is ReactJS Front-End or Back-End?

    ReactJS is basically a front-end library that runs on the browser. It can be served by any famous web server such as Nginx, Apache, etc.