Python is one of the most popular and most wanted programming languages nowadays. The reason behind its popularity is the syntax of python programming as it uses a simple English language that we speak in our routine life. Today, we will talk about Python-based CMS.

Python uses an interpreter system due to which the syntax is not checked and verified line by line and gets directly printed in the console window. Any Noteworthy Python Web Development Company can help you to develop high-class solutions.

Nowadays, Python is used in every domain like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data science as well as in developing websites, software etc. It is used to solve huge mathematical problems and for rapid prototyping. 

Python has made its potential mark in the development market with its core functionalities and therefore it is today one of the highly preferred programming language adding value to the projects developed. Hire offshore dedicated developer to enhance your project development quality and performance when working with python technology.

Python is a free software which is available online and can be installed in Windows, Linux, Mac etc. The recent version of Python is Python 3 which has come with an update of different libraries.

Our agile team of python programmers keeps on researching and experimenting in their fields and through their experience, they complied best Python Based CMS, lets get started.


Django CMS is one of the most user-friendly and it has got an attractive user interface which makes users feel good when they work. It has multiple inbuilt libraries available for user requirement and various drag drop menus. 

It provides users with the ability to create Websites Built with Python, pages in multiple languages. Django CMS can be easily integrable with any platform so that users can easily publish or edit contents.

Features of Django CMS:

  • Link Management Capability
  • Integrated with any other platforms
  • Multi-Site Capability
  • Advanced security options
  • Unique drag drop menu interfaces
  • Spell-Checker is present
  • UTF-8 Support


Wagtail CMS site is one of the most affordable sites for the users and is quite easy for the users to use. It’s a Best Python CMS as well.

It provides a truly agile and natural platform. It has also advanced security options which it has inherited from Django. 

Moreover, Wagtail CMS efficiently provides a high speed and high responsive interface for its users that help users to edit their contents and lures businesses to hire python developer to create Wagtail CMS.

Features of Wagtail CMS:

  • Fast responsive interface for users
  • Supports Raspberry Pi
  • Vast collection of libraries, Front end designs
  • Multi-site capability
  • Extends Django for security
  • IT uses StreamField which helps to edit contents


Mezzanine CMS is an open source platform which provides an easy to edit platform. 

It has a vast collection of modules, themes, widgets that can be easily used by the users to edit and design their web-pages. 

It has a unique drag down menu interface which is very useful for users. So, it qualified for the Best Python CMS.


Features of Mezzanine CMS:

  • Ability for visual content editing
  • Designed with a rich API
  • Vast collection of themes and designs are available for the users
  • It has the capability to integrate two or more platforms


MoinMoin is also an open source software which supports multiple kinds of plug-ins. It supports different types of Macros and Actions along with the libraries. 

Moreover, it has a concept to separate the parsers. MoinMoin has the capability of supporting Camelcase links.

Features of MoinMoin CMS:

  • Unique Navigation Features available
  • Supports Unicode UTF-8
  • Supports different inline comments
  • Vast collection of themes
  • Macros can be embedded to a document


Quokka is an open source flexible CMS which is designed with Python, Flask, and MongoDB. 

It comes with an aim to implement all the features of CMS in a database which has no relation with the actual website. 

With Quokka, we can easily develop various kinds of contents, blogs, polls, and can easily publish them. Quokka is available in CentOs, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

Features of Quokka CMS:

  • Easy to integrate different platforms like Facebook, intense debate etc.
  • Inbuilt SEO settings
  • Users can write in any format as it supports multiple formats
  • Supports Pagination
  • Inbuilt channel to redirect points
  • Channels can render a flat page or another content instead of channel lists


Kotti is one of the most user-friendly Content Management Systems. It is basically a high-level software application. The framework of Kotti is based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. 

Kotti has all the useful features that every CMS should have, for example, it has a complex security system, it has simple workflows that help users to edit content easily.

Features of Kotti CMS:

  • It is really very much user-friendly and can easily edit contents when required.
  • Kotti uses bootstrap hence its design and looks are very much beautiful in both mobile and any desktop sites.
  • It has an advanced security management system.
  • Here users can design their own template which is one of most amazing features available in any CMS.
  • Kotti contains a variety of add-ons to install.


Plone is an open source free software application which is very much easy to install for the users. It basically runs on a server called Zone application server. 

It is available in Windows, Linux, mac  etc. Plone CMS contains a huge number of libraries as well as more than 50 languages so that users can benefit from it. Plone has a vast collection of themes which are written using CSS, JavaScript.

Features of Plone CMS:

  • Vast range of Documentation is available for the users so that they can use the platform easily.
  • It contains more than 50 languages.
  • It has a huge range of scalability in terms of backup, integration, etc.
  • Flexible workflows are present so that users can easily get used to it.
  • Advanced security system is available.

Nive CMS

Nive is one of the Pyramid based framework content management systems. It has everything available that is needed for a good CMS. 

The security of Nive is very much advanced and comes with a huge range of add-ons. So, it can be used with Applications and Websites Built in Python.

It is very much responsive and so it can be used by a user very easily. It has CMS functions that directly integrate to the website.

Features of Nive CMS:

  • It is a system independent Content Management system.
  • It has various drag and drop menus.
  • The layout of Niva CMS is very user-friendly and it contains various themes.
  • It has got json configuration support along with python configuration.


PyPlate can be very useful for users who want to design small websites. It works on Debian based servers, and it is also written in python. 

The PyPlate is a Python CMS really responsive with various features like Backup/restore as well as it has various kinds of navigation widgets. 

Still, developers are working on it for Best Python CMS.

Features of PyPlate CMS:

  • It is very much responsive and user-friendly.
  • Mainly used for creating blogs, small contents.
  • It has a vast collection of sharing templates.
  • It works on SQLite databases.

Pinax CMS

Pinax is a free open source Python CMS built on different Python frameworks, mainly on Django. It is also used to create multiple online games. 

Pinax has several templates which can be used by the users for creating their websites. The libraries are really user-friendly and surprises comfort to the user.

Features of Pinax CMS:

  • It enables rapid prototyping.
  • It has a standard project layout which is very much useful for the users, users can edit their contents and do not have to change the layout each time.

Skeletonz CMS

Skeletonz is a Python-based CMS that has AJAX playing a major role. It provides users a simple workspace in which users can easily edit their content and publish. It provides dynamic responsive pages for its users. 

Features of  Skeletonz CMS:

  • It provides a feature called instant install in which users can simply click on the download option and install various attributes and functions related to their website that they need.
  • It is built with the most recent technology.
  • Skeletonz is very much useful for Search Engine Optimization.
  • This CMS provides vast documentation so that new users can easily get used to it.
  • It has also got Multi Language support.

Ikaaro CMS

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Ikaaro is also a great Python CMS. Suppose the user has put some wrong information and now he wants to change. Therefore, it is useful for Website Written in Python.

So, with the help of Ikaaro, the user can easily fetch the wrong information and change the content  with necessary details. 

Features of Ikaaro CMS:

  • Comes with a vast number of modules.
  • Supports a Multilingual User interface.
  • Provides the metatag feature.
  • Comes with an advanced Security System. 

Merengue CMS

Merengue is a dynamic responsive CMS, which contains a vast collection of libraries and themes. 

Here users can write Reusable codes and it provides a beautiful interface. It is fully based on Django. Therefore, one can use Django Performance Tips to enhance its production.

Features of Merengue CMS:

  • Contains a vast collection of plugins.
  • A feature of easy initialization.
  • Has Multiple Site capability.
  • By using Merengue CMS, users can develop their own data models. 

Kpax CMS

Kpax CMS is built on Python language and it provides unlimited web services for its users. 

It has a vast collection of  workspace which the user has the option to select. It can run different server systems. 

Features of  Kpax CMS:

  • It consists of different API features.
  • It has the ability to run different server systems like SQLIte, Oracle etc.
  • By using Kpax, users can easily edit their blogs, contents.
  • It has an advanced Security system so that malicious events don’t happen.

Mediacore Video CMS

This is an application which is based on Python and is mainly used to edit the video contents in a website. So, it can be highly useful for Websites Made with Python.

It has a live video feature which is very much useful for the users. They can use it to do some live stream videos.

Features of Mediacore Video CMS:

  • It is very much flexible and responsive Cms.
  • Any programmable language can be extended by it.
  • Very much user friendly.
  • Allows users to upload live videos.
  • Supports HTML 5. 

Fein CMS

Fein CMS is an emerging CMS which does not have many features as compared to other CMS. 

It has an attractive interface but it doesn’t have any drag and drop menu and a sidebar which can provide a list in an orderly manner. 

Features of Fein CMS:

  • Video can be embedded by simply inserting the video’s URL from Youtube or other websites.
  • Most media file types can be uploaded and displayed, or at least offer the file with a download link.

Djedi CMS

Djedi CMS is one of most Powerful CMS, which is very much responsive and it is also one of the lightweight Cms. 

It consists of a vast collection of  Plugins which users can use easily. It is also based on Django. 

Features of Djedi CMS:

  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Inline editing
  • High performance

Bombolone CMS

Bombolone is the most flexible and any project can run on it. This CMS has a very advanced security system. 

It is based on Python, AngularJS and it is one of the  simple tool sets with an attractive user interface.

Features of Bombolone CMS:

  • Adding functionality through modules and plugins
  • Managing notifications for tasks
  • Administering multiple sites and platforms, if necessary

Web2py CMS



It is one the most mature Python-based CMS in which only skilled developers work because if someone is a beginner then he or she can face problems working on it. 

The functions of Web2py are very complex and it has a very advanced security system.

Features of Web2py CMS:

  • Create a page, choose its parent. And manage your page’s hierarchy.
  • Edit your page’s content with a WYSIWYG editor. You can also add images stored on your computer.


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Flask CMS

Flask is also a scalable responsive Python-based CMS which can be used to design any website. 

It has a vast collection of custom page types as well as Preview changes which the user can use whenever necessary.

Features of Flask CMS:

  • Offer a ready-to-use CMS that is customizable and extensible.
  • Offer it as an extension to an existing Flask application (and NOT as an application itself).
  • Be agnostic regarding the existing User model.


Why Choose Python For CMS?

One of the main reasons for choosing python for CMS is the framework of Python that can be easily adaptable to CMS. Thus, this adds the value to increase the workflow. 

It has a pre-built Admin Dashboard in every Best Python CMS, which is very much useful for the users to manage their contents.

On a summary Python offers such a type of framework as well as speed so that the developers can easily meet the requirement of customers.

Features of CMS

  • It can be easily used to create a simple workflow of your website.
  • It has the ability to integrate with any platforms like social networks, Web Application etc.
  • Without having any prior knowledge about coding any content editor can edit their websites easily.
  • CMS were provided with an advanced security system.


Python-based CMS are very useful as it can create high speed responsive pages and can integrate the sites with other social platforms. 

The security system of Python-based CMS is high so it has very less chance for malicious activities to happen.

We hope you all had a great time reading this article and it proves to be great value for any python developer. Thank You.!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Django A CMS?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. Django is a wonderful Content Management System based on Python that can publish the content.

  2. What Is A CMS Software?

    A CMS is nothing but a Content Management System software that allows you to manage the data within the website with the utmost ease.

  3. Which Is Better: Django or WordPress?

    There can not be a fixed answer to this type of question. Both CMSes have their pros and cons. While Django works well for complex applications, WordPress is easier to use and a great tool for any beginner of the IT World.

  4. Is Django CMS free?

    Django CMS is free open source content management platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web.