We all are aware of the fact that React Native is an ever-growing programming language. Today, we’re going to talk about the React Developer Tools for increasing productivity.

Looking at its popularity and benefits, some of the most popular companies using ReactJS are Facebook, Skype, Airbnb, Instagram, and many more.  The only reason to choose React Native is to create an alluring user interface.

We all know the importance of user interface in the success of apps. To build such an appealing user interface is only possible with the help of various react developer tools.

When you combine the react tools with its library, Develop fully functional mobile apps or single-page applications can be developed.

Here, we have mentioned What Tool Is Used to React JS with its uses and creator’s name. Before you hire ReactJS Developers India, make sure they have knowledge about these tools.

List of Top 25 React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools For Chrome

Why is it used?
It is one of the best tools for React Development Services that are built especially for the chrome. With the help of this tool, you can get the list of components and subcomponents.

When you install the react developer tool extension, a new tab will open which will contain the list of this component. You can choose, edit, and even inspect their props and states.

The tool can even help you see and note the performance of the app. If you really want to make an app that stands out of the crowd, then it is a must-have extension for your react development.

Initiator: Facebook

React Sights

Why is it used?
It is a react dev tools for Google Chrome that helps you in the react inspection related things.

To elaborate on the same, once you add the extension to the chrome, make sure that you enable the access to the file URLs.

When you are done with this process, you can see all the components that you developed in the tree-like structure.

With the help of the tree structure, you can easily understand the connection of each component. And when you hover over them, you are able to identify their current state and props.

Initiator: David C. Sally, Grant Kang, William He


Why is it used?
It is one of the top developer tools when it comes to Bit. With the help of the bit, you can easily develop and share the react components.

It comes with an online platform and CLI tool wherein you can publish your react components(once checked by Bit) and share with the other developers. You can even search and use the component which is shared on the online platform by other developers.

In short, the third-party store of Bit will let you browse through the components built by others. Bit even allows you to edit the component and view the preview for the same. This you can check a few components and choose the one which suits your project.

Initiator: Jonathan Saring

React Extension Packs

Why is it used?
For JavaScript developers, Visual Studio is one of the best IDEs or Best Developer Tools. Due to the strong community of Visual Studio, React Extension Packs came into the picture.

It is a next-level bundle of extension for the react developers. In this bundle, you will find 7 small extensions which will add value to your project. So, let’s have a glimpse of all of them.

  • ReactJS Code Snippets: Contains 40 snippets and 34 prototype-specific snippets.
  • ES Lint: Provides support to the command line with the same name.
  • npm: Enables you to run the command directly from the command palette.
  • Search node_modules: Easy to find the module and add it to the editor.
  • JS ES6 Snippets: Another set of approximately 40 snippets.
  • npm IntelliSense: Enables auto-completion for the name of the extension, when importing them to your code.
  • Path IntelliSense: Auto-complete the path of local imports.

Initiator: Visual Studios


Why is it used?
An open-source react dev tool that you can use to build your own UI components. It is not just a code library, but something more than that.

If you want to install the Storybook react tool to your ongoing project, you just need to follow the below-given syntax.

“$ npx -p @storybook/cli sb init”

The command will learn your project structure and later to run the tool in your project the following command is implemented.

“$ npm run storybook”

That’s all! Now you’re ready to work on your project with a Storybook extension.

Initiator: Arunoda Susiripala

React Styleguidist

Why is it used?
It is one of the most interesting react developer tools to build isolated components. With the help of react dev tools like React Styleguidist, you can directly edit the code in the rendered version.

That is, on one side of the screen you will see the generated UI and on the other side, there will be your code.

In integrating this react tool in your project follow the below-given command if your project is built with Create React App and have webpack installed.

“$ npm install --save-dev react-styleguidis”

Later, start working with this command,

“$ npx styleguidist server”

Initiator: Artem Sapegin

Create React App

Why is it used?
This react tool is specially designed to speed up the environment setting for the new project. It is launched by Facebook to help developers in setting up an environment with just a single command line.

Whether it is about choosing the right module or the project structure, this react tool will take care of everything. The best part here is you don’t need to install anything if you have “npx” installed. Just follow the command,

“$ npx create-react-app my-app”

In place of “npx”, you can even use “yarn” or “npm”. (both will work perfectly with Node.Js version 8.16.0 or 10.16.0 or higher)

Initiator: Facebook

React Bootstrap

Why is it used?
Most of us are aware of Bootstrap – a popular CSS framework. Bootstrap will provide you with a set of CSS classes and javascript functions which will make it easier for you to create an appealing UIs.

But the question is how to use react developer tools with Bootstrap? To make Bootstrap compatible with the React, the creators have rewritten the JS bits.

So, now you are ready to use the bootstrap with react too. To integrate React Bootstrap in your project, follow this command.

“$ npm install react-bootstrap bootstrap”

Initiator: GitHub


Why is it used?
It is one of the top developer tools which let you create an application with the lesser code. You can build the UI prototype with drag and drop things rather than writing the long codes.

But take note of one point that you cannot create the whole UI without coding. It is just prototyping which will make it easy for you to code for the UI.

The process will go like you will create an image by marking all components with its type, name, hierarchy, props, and more.

Later, you can transform this image into an auto-generated code and customize it as per your requirements. You should definitely try this react tool once, as it will save a huge amount of time for you.

Initiator: Blessing E Ebowe, Brian Taylor, Erik Guntner

Why Did You Render

Why is it used?
This react tool works best when you are trying to debug the nature of your components. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to understand the behaviour of the rendered component.

This especially happens when you are a beginner to react and having trouble with any component.

Henceforth, at that time, Why Did You Render tool’s small library will help you to get the understanding of the behaviour.

To install this react developer tool, just follow the below-mentioned command.

“$ npm install @welldone-software/why-did-you-render --save”

Once you’re done with the installation, integrate your project code here and you’re ready to understand the behavior of your components.

Initiator: Welldone Software

Proton Native

Why is it used?
It is a react native tool which works perfectly well for the desktop applications built with react. Yes, you read it right, this tool will redefine the Node.js modules to make it compatible with your react components.

To define the GUI elements, you need to name the react components. Henceforth, they will become compatible with the Node.js.

Proton Native works with your react libraries like Redux. So, now you’re ready to build your react desktop application. Your desktop application built with this combo will be the cross-platform app.

Initiator: GitHub


Why is it used?
One of the react tools which work for the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create a react app.

It is a cross platform react tool that enables you to easily render your project components. And the best part here is you don’t need to create any server configuration to render the components. All things will be taken care of by the Reactide.

This react developer tool even lets you build state flow visualization. So, when you work on the project, there will be no need to jump between the IDE and browser to keep an eye on the changes. The tool will provide you with information for all the changes, props and state.

Initiator: Mark Marcelo

React Studio

Why is it used?
If you do not have any coding language and want to develop an app with the react. You can visually create your react app with the help of the React Studio.

It is available in free as well as premium version. The react tool will create the react components based on your design.

The flow of the app will even be decided on your design flow. React Studio will even let you import your all the file right from the beginning.

You can add localisation to your app in less than five minutes with the in-built feature of React Studio.

Initiator: Neonto Website

React Developer Tools For Firefox

Why is it used?
A react tool which is specially built for the Firefox browser by Facebook. With the help of react developer tools for Firefox, you can easily and quickly build your app.

This tool will allow you to inspect your project components in the Firefox browser itself. You can observe the changes that are caused when you update a single component of your project.

After the successful installation of the tool, a new window will open in your browser with the name React.

The tool has got million users as it provides great ease to the developers. This react developer tool is even made available for the Chrome browser too.

Initiator: Facebook

React Cosmos

Why is it used?
If you want to develop or update the reusable components then this react tool can work perfectly well for you. Once you install React Cosmos, it will scan all the components for your project.

Later you can render the components by combining them with states, props or context. Another best part of React Cosmos is that you can easily load some important files like polyfills, CSS, and many more globally.

The tool even helps you to avoid any dependencies to have a look at the real-time development of the app. It is the best developer react tools that can make it easy for you to build a react app.

Initiator: Ovidiu Cherecheș

CodeSandbox For React

Why is it used?
It is one of the most creative react developer tools which are built for web app development. It is a live testing environment tool for web applications.

In a way, it is an online code editor tool wherein you can see the direct results of the code.

Your code with this tool is set in a way that later you can easily customize the code when required.

The CodeSandbox tool will handle every single thing required for your web app development. From setting an environment to its testing, everything will be taken care of by the CodeSandbox tool.

Initiator: Ives Van

React Boilerplate

Why is it used?
A react tool which provides you with a great library for the infrastructure of your project. It provides you with a high setup and aims at the best performance of your project.

Many developers even call React Boilerplate a starter kit which helps for the rapid development setup. This could prove to be an excellent solution for your new project.

The best thing here is React Boilerplate aims at the offline development process. To enable the developers to use most trending features, it deals with the next generation Javascript.

Initiator: Max Stoiber

React Slingshot

Why is it used?
It creates an interactive environment for the developers to use Redux when building an app with React. React Slingshot is even known for its boilerplate to quickly set up an environment.

The react dev tool enables you to use many features like auto-testing, linting, building productions, hot reloads, and many more.

A few popular libraries used by this tool are ESLint, PostCSS, Sass, Webpack, Babel, etc. It is a worthy react developer tool if you’re beginning your journey in the react development. It is used by millions of react developers around the globe.

Initiator: GitHub

React Style Guide Generator

Why is it used?
The tool can help you to build the isolated components of your project and work live. With that, you can develop a style guide which is well organized for your project.

One thing to note while using this is to create a separate file for your style guide and later merge it with your coding.

When you merge your style guide with the Javascript documentation, you need to follow a few rules mentioned with this tool. Here you can use the “ES6” syntax when merging to your project.

Initiator: GitHub


Why is it used?
If you’re an atom user for building your projects then using it for react development comes with huge benefits.

The react dev tool plugin known as Atom React Plugin will take your react development to a whole new level.

The tool will add JSX syntax to your project which will come with features like auto-indentation, highlighter, code folding, faster coding, and many more.

All this will help you to code with fewer mistakes and more quickly. You can easily convert the HTML files to JSX with the help of this tool.

Initiator: GitHub

React Toolbox

Why is it used?
This tool is a set of react components that can help you to build an extraordinary web app.

The tool takes its basis on some of the most popular modules like CSS, ES6, Webpack, and more. The react components take their basis on Google’s Material Principles in mind.

As I said the tool takes its basis some of the most popular front-end technologies, you can easily add them to your web pack workflow.

The tool even comes with a live background wherein you can check how your live app looks like when assembling of the components happens.

Initiator: Javi Velasco, Javi Jiménez

Semantic UI React

Why is it used?
So are you planning to use Semantic UI for your react project? If yes, then Semantic UI React is one of the top developer tools that you can use for the same.

Semantic UI has an official integration with the react to create user-friendly, appealing, and responsive apps. Basically Semantic UI is a front end framework merged with the react.

Some of the popular platforms built with these tools are Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and many more.

It is a jQuery free react tool and has some amazing features like auto, controlled state, declarative API, sub-components, shorthand props and augmentation.

Initiator: GitHub

React Belle

Why is it used?
It is a configurable react library with huge benefits for the react development. Developers love to use this tool as it comes with high-level components such as Card, Select, Toggle, DatePicker, and more.

The best part of react Belle components is that you can customize it. The react tool even supports ARIA accessibility standards. If you are unable to understand or recognize your project styles, then it is advisable to either choose “Bootstrap 3” or “Belle” theme.

Initiator: GitHub


Why is it used?
It is an amazing library for the component of react development. When you build your project with ReactXP you can share the components to various platforms.

With that, you can share the style definitions and amination on your targeted platforms.

The best part of this react developer tool is you can have the specific UI variants for your projects. It is a creative react dev tool for sharing your components, styles, etc. to other platforms.

Initiator: Sergei Dryganets

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Why is it used?
Redux makes it possible to use the state of an application with every component of the project. It is a popular and most-used JS state container.

If you’re building a complex app and want consistent behavior then Redux suits best here. All you need to do here is to install the dedicated tool-kit of Redux and you are ready to use it.

This tool will help you with the Redux logic of your project. You can even perform live testing and debugging of the code with Redux. The tool will let you know where and why your reducers aren’t working.

Initiator: Dan Abramov

The Parting Thoughts

After going through all these react developer tools, one thing is sure that it really helps in developing the best platforms. The React community keeps working to build developer-friendly tools and enhance their projects.

The list mentioned above just contains some popular react tools but there are much more available worldwide. So, are you ready to build your next react web application with these tools?

We hope you had a great experience reading this blog and it will prove helpful to any ReactJS Development Company in the near future.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How To Use React Developer Tools?

    React Developer Tools helps developers to increase productivity. One can use it to inspect the various elements of React and reduce the chances of errors.

  2. How To Install React Developer Tools?

    There is a package called react-devtools that one can install through the NPM (Node Package Manager). After that, you can utilize it when needed.

  3. How To Find Specific Components In React Developer Tools?

    There is a system known as React Virutzilied. By making use of it, one can easily find the specific components in React Developer Tools.

  4. Is react developer tools safe?

    React dev tools are open-source tools. They have the same chances to contain malicious code that infringes on user's privacy as React itself.