Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework gaining popularity for developing web user interfaces and single-page applications. Today, we will talk about the websites Built With Vue JS in detail.

It is easy and very simple to start with, which makes it a popular platform in the JavaScript community. You can hire Vue developers as it is the most prominent web development framework and also a famous JavaScript framework.

Thanks to its simple flexible nature, Vue JS web Development Services are popular among famous brands such as Apple, Google, and Netflix.

Not backed by any giant technology, this framework is gaining huge popularity in the technology industry. Get an insight into Vue.js websites and eminent landing pages developed by Vue.js in this article.

Benefits of Vue.js

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Huge library
  • Rich in features
  • Easy integration

Take a noteworthy tour of some of the technology giants that have used Vue.js for their website development and business support.

Have a look at the top famous Vue.js websites and landing pages, which probably you know but were unaware of their development through Vue.js.

Best Websites Made with Vue JS


9gag is one of the social networking sites similar to Twitter and Facebook. It has news feed categories like fresh categories and the hot news feed categories. You can also build a PWA like this using the Vue JS Framework.

9Gag uses Vue.js, which makes it lightweight and responsive. Vue.js designs the front end. As per global statistics, it has approximately 70 million unique visitors by August 2020.


Behance is a popular website that graphic designers use for showcasing their designing talents. This website helps graphic designers from all over the world to display their work.

As the front-end programming language, Vue.js has been used for app development. Statistics from SimilarWeb mentions that it has approximately 38 million visitors by August 2020.


Nintendo is quite a famous gaming application. All the gamers use it to buy their favorite games from the website.

Being a gaming console platform, front-end development plays a huge role. Nintendo has used Vue.js for its front end development. As per statistics, Nintendo has 43.56 million visitors.


Played by a million gamers, Chess is a two-player strategy game that is available worldwide in the online platform. It is an eminent gaming website that has used Vue.js for its development.

Vue.js has developed its front-end and some of the modules of the website respectively for efficient functioning. Chess is one of the prominent online games that all age groups people play.


Gitlab is for controlling the repository for different source codes which comes with several options for membership.

Any individual or an organization can select one membership based on their requirement. Vue.js develops the front end development and the modules of the website.


Wizzair is an airline company website. The company is using Vue.js for their overall website management. The website is made with vue.js for managing hotel, booking, cab, and flights.

Along with that, the official website can do a lot more. They can use the website for check-in, boarding, and a lot more services.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a popular Vue JS Projects for toolkit and icon settings. Icons for applications easily accessed with the help of Font Awesome. It provides social logos for both desktops as well as web applications.

The basic icons can be downloaded offline, while there is also an option for purchasing the best-advanced icons available.

To make the website faster and easier for the users, the company has developed its front end using Vue.js. As per the statistics record, Font Awesome has approximately 6 Million Visitors.


Laravel is a popular PHP framework for web designers. It has an official website, which is made with Vue.js for front end development.

When Laravel is installed, it takes Vue.js as the default programming language because it is easy to integrate and light-weighted.

The rich in feature Vue.js is very easy and lightweight which makes it a great option for developing applications.

Laravel is quite a famous website, as it has Vue.js, which speeds up the front-end development and helps in achieving a lot with less coding.


Laracast is a perfect Vue Example Project For those who want to learn Laravel. It is a website that helps in developing modules of Laravel.

The Laracast is completely developed using the Vue.js open-source platform. Being quite popularly used, it has approximately


Spendesk is an all in one Vue Website for the financial administration of a company. It is a website used by the companies to enable financial solutions.

Spendesk helps in visibility and control over all the company spending. This website is a spend management tool made with Vue.js.

It uses Vue.js for front end development, due to its easy and lightweight feature. Now track your company expenses easily and clearly. With Spendesk you can easily keep your company’s financial data recorded safely.


Moderne is an application that helps in ensuring creativity in your company. It boosts your creativity department with tailored insights and ideas. It ensures brainstorming and helps in bringing out ultimate creativity for your organization.

Moderne is developed with the help of the Vue.js framework. It is a very helpful application, which saves a lot of time given to creativity.

For resolving all the creative solutions of your company, you  must try Moderne. Development of Moderne with the help of Vue,js has helped  it to be an easy and user-friendly application.


Chargebee, a popular application for subscription and billing is being used globally.

The companies are using this application for sustaining, scaling, and managing their company revenue. It provided end-to-end recurring in billings, subscription, and sales analysis.

Chargebee is successfully managing approximately 2000+ SaaS Business organizations. It is an eminent contribution made with vue.js; ChargeBee is a popular app for your organization.


Yousign is an application for binding e-signature for all your business solutions. Say yes for all your business activities with Yousign, which is easy to use and enables legal e-signature for documents.

Vue.js has developed legally certified software for generating electronic signatures. In the digital world, where every document is exchanged virtually, electronic signatures have gained huge popularity.

Vue.js has developed this software, which is already a pioneer leader in France with already more than 1500 trusted customers.

Such developments built with Vue.js have made it one of the famous frameworks in the JavaScript community.


Infermedica is a medical assistant application used by medical organizations to help their patients with a great experience. This application is a Vue.js example project that helps to get medical services and pre-diagnose facilities.

It is a leading company in medical and pharmaceuticals. It is an AI-enabled application used for the patient triage and diagnosis facilities. This reputed company has use Vue.js for the development of application website.


Keap is a renowned application which helps businesses to grow with less hard work. It increases sales and revenue with CRM and marketing tools.

Keap (formerly Infusion soft) is a marketing and sales platform for all the startups and small business enterprises. This application is a great initiative to sustain and help the small budding businesses.

Thanks to Vue.js for developing such a platform. It has helped the business to manage sales products, customer relationship management, lead capture, e-commerce, customer lifecycle, and marketing automation.

It is a great app built with vue.js which has developed the business models.


Beau, a popular application built with Vue that helps companies to extract data from different sources.

This app helps in discovering patterns, sharing insights, and uncover trends for growing your business. Make data and information more meaningful with Beau, a development by Vue.js.

Laravel Vapor

Laravel vapor is a serverless deployment platform that increases incredible scaling. It ensures auto-scaling with minimal server maintenance. It is powered by AWS Lambda.

The companies are managing their Laravel infrastructure on the Vapor and get surprised by the simplicity and scalability of the server less. A development built by Vue.js is scaling up the web applications remarkably.


Metamusic is an application that helps you with the best practices that discover your music. It outlines the procedure and the practices that establish common metadata for indexing particular music content.


It is an all-in-one tool for designing solutions developed using Vue.js. Specify is the only tool to design large products and design systems.

It is used to scale, create, and maintain the design system. An ultimate guide for all the digital products, it is creating a huge fan following on the internet.

Proto Pie

Proto Pie is a tool for prototyping ideas and creates a masterpiece out of them. With this, no idea goes into waste.

It is one of the easiest tools built with Vue.js project that turns the user interface designs into prototypes for the web, desktop, and mobile.

This is a great way to IoT, Internet of Things.

Charge Trip

charge trip is a smart navigation tool for electric mobility. This tool built with Vue.js helps to create routing and different charging alternatives for your electronic car.

It accelerates sustainable transportation by developing the tools, which help people and organizations to switch into electric mobility.


As the name says, Brilliant helps to build great quantitative skills and gives maths and science a different approach.

It makes the subjects interesting and challenging by making it interactive. For students and learners, the Brilliant application is a great development made with Vue.js.

Mille Fund

Mille application gives you 1000 and more ways to acquire funds for your future projects. Take your business to a new level with Mille Fund.

It is the first government project, built with Vue.js which helps the young generation to acquire funds for their upcoming projects. You get financial support from private, public, and business sectors.


It is an application which helps businesses  to develop applications in the fastest way. Netlifyis a unified platform that automates the coding to create easy, performant, and maintainable web applications and vue.js websites.

It is a great development by Vue.js project that helps the business to develop applications and sites.


Icons8 is an application with unlimited access to icons, logos, photos, music, tools, and vectors. It helps in recoloring the icons in add overlays, seconds, icon fonts, and drag-n-drop icon.

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The contribution of Vue.js in development of applications and tools is unending. Did you enjoy the plethora of applications and websites developed by Vue.js? The vue.js is an inspiration to technology, which has contributed immensely.

Looking to develop any application or website, you can trust this technology giant! This worth listening list of products developed by Vue.js is very inspiring. You can easily opt Vue JS Development Company to leverage the VueJS technology and have a Potential website built for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Vue.js Good For Enterprise Projects?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. Due to novelty in the JavaScript region, it is preferred for big enterprise projects.

  2. Is Vue.js The Future?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. With so much popularity in a short time-period, Vue.js will surely have a bright future.