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Python Developer Job Description Template

Python is one of the most-loved and highly preferred programming languages in recent years. Though there is a significant supply of Python developers, it is quite difficult to find the right ones. We’ve been hiring Python developers for many years now, and we’ve always found the right developers who blend with our teams, projects, and visions. If you want to find such developers too, we will help you. In this section, we will walk you through the process of creating a Python developer job description that can attract the best developers in the industry.

Your Company Description

An extensive description of your company, what products you build and ship, the type of clients you work with, and some awesome benefits that you provide should be added to the company description section of the job description. 


eSparkBiz is a prominent software development and outsourcing company. We have collaborated with renowned brands worldwide and maintain fully-equipped offices in various countries. Our teams have been at the forefront of the outsourcing revolution since its inception, and we exclusively recruit the top 1% of developers to ensure our teams are staffed with experts.

Overview of Job Description

After adding the company description, it is time for you to provide an overview of the job description. In this section, you should highlight the requirements and expectations of a Python developer in your organization. Below is an example of the job description overview. 


We are hiring an experienced Python developer for our team that works on cutting-edge, futuristic products powered by Python. To succeed in this role, you should have experience working with Python, Django, and AWS Cloud. Our teams are collaborative, and you would be expected to work with different teams in the organization to successfully deliver in your role.  

Responsibilities of Python Developer

While highlighting the responsibilities of a Python developer, you should use bullet points and explain each responsibility in more detail. 


  • Backend Development: Develop high-quality backend APIs and applications that give superfast performance and security.
  • Testing: Write unit tests supporting and validating every code that gets shipped. Find and fix bugs on priority and create testing reports for teams. 
  • Documentation: Write clear and concise documentation for the project, and maintain it through different changes in the project. Supply developer-friendly comments and explanations to codebase for easier management. 
  • Designing Database: Design distributed, resilient, and high-performance databases supporting your Python applications. 
Technical Requirements of Python Developer

In this section of the job description, you need to highlight the technical requirements for a Python developer. If developers meet these requirements, they will be able to assess themselves and apply for the job. 


  • Expert in Python: Past experience working with production-grade Python applications with expertise in core Python and different frameworks/libraries like Django, Flask, NumPy, Pandas, etc.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Knowledge: Knowledge of all in-built and supported data structures and algorithms in the Python ecosystem, along with the ability to create new algorithms based on inputs and requirements.
  • Cloud: Knowledge of cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, or GCP coupled with any Infrastructure-as-a-Code framework like Terraform.
  • Database Management: Expertise in designing and maintaining relational as well as non-relational databases.
Ideal Experience, Background, and Soft Skills

In this section, you should add the ideal experience you want from a developer, some background preferences, and the soft skills you are looking for in your Python developers.


  • Education: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or engineering field.
  • Experience: 5+ years of Python development experience
  • Soft Skills: Strong command of English and ability to write and communicate with team members.
Attractive Benefits for Python Developers

Benefits are a good add-on to the job description template, and this helps candidates weigh the benefits you provide with your competitors and push them to apply for a job posting in your company. Below is an example for this.


  • Professional Development
    • Reimbursements and allowance for Python Courses, Certifications, and upskilling
    • Company-sponsored subscription to learning platforms
    • Opportunities to explore and visit various technology conferences
  • Work Environment & Flexibility
    • Flexible working hours with remote working options
    • Company-provided laptop and all other hardware for productive working
    • Dedicated no-meeting days so you can focus on crafting the best apps.
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Team events every quarter for collaboration and growth
    • Performance-oriented and learning-based career development
  • Wellness & Work-life Balance
    • Gym subscriptions sponsored by the company
    • Extensive Paid time off for maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • Financial Benefits
    • Health and life insurance under the company’s group insurance policy
    • Relocation assistance if your role demands you to move to a different location
    • Stock options and restricted stock units for well-performing employees

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Different Ways to Hire Python Developers

If you are looking to hire Python developers, there are multiple engagement models to consider. Each model provides different costs, flexibility, and other benefits.

Do it Yourself

Hire In-house

By hiring in-house, you gain complete control over your Python developers. You’ll also have to manage the entire employee lifecycle on your own, from recruitment to appraisals, growth, etc. This approach is good when you want to build and work with your team for a long time. 

Collaborate with us

Dedicated Teams

Many organizations who don’t want to hire in-house developers, but still want a higher degree of control over their developers hire dedicated teams from outsourcing service providers. In this setup, you get an entire team consisting of UI designers, developers, QA engineers, and project managers working dedicatedly for you from a remote location.

Staff Augmentation

If you already have a team but want to expand it by adding more Python experts, you should go this way. In this approach, the Python developers will join your existing teams, work with them on your projects, and report to your managers

Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing is the easiest approach to working with Python developers. Under this setup, you can work with a Python development company that can develop your project on your behalf. You only have to pay a fixed price, and the service provider manages everything from teams to infrastructure.


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Things to Remember While Hiring Python Developers

When you are looking to hire Python developers for a project, you need to focus on what makes the difference between an average Python developer and an expert. Below are some things that you should focus on.

Problem-Solving Skills

Good problem-solving skills contribute greatly to the type of code a developer writes. When hiring Python developers, you can check this by adding take-home assignments or algorithmic problems to your interview process.

Experience With APIs and Deployment

Python is used for developing web apps, and an expert Python developer should have experience with APIs and deployment. The developer should be able to use different backend frameworks, like Django, Flask, etc, to develop RESTful APIs. Your developers should also be able to deploy their code on cloud platforms or on-premise servers.

Portfolio and Past Projects

Python expertise is often acquired by working on a variety of projects involving different scenarios. When shortlisting developers, you should look at their past projects and which technologies they used, how the project is performing now, etc. Moreover, you should ask questions about this to know their approach to developing enterprise software.

Knowledge of Libraries

Python has a rich community that keeps developing new useful libraries for each other to use in projects. As an experienced developer, the candidate should have knowledge about different libraries and how to use them in projects. This ensures that the developer can focus on other things instead of rewriting common parts of the application.

The Python Ecosystem We Used in Previous Work

Web Frameworks

Python has significant web app development support, and there are various frameworks that help you reuse code and focus on things that matter for your apps without worrying about the internals.

  • Flask
  • Django
  • Bottle
  • Pyramid
  • CherryPy

Machine Learning and Data Science

Python is used heavily in machine learning, deep learning, and data analysis domains, and we use these libraries to craft futuristic apps.

  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • NumPy
  • Pandas

Database and ORM

Interacting with databases requires us to use libraries, and Python also provides Object-Relational Mapping capabilities so that an OOP way can be followed while developing apps.

  • SQLAlchemy
  • SQLAlchemy-Utils
  • Django ORM
  • Pony ORM

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing python applications is easier with these frameworks that help developers in writing tests and automating the testing process for various parts of the application.

  • pytest
  • Hypothesis
  • Doctest

Task Queue and Asynchronous Processing

Processing tasks in the background is important to keep the application at high-performance levels at all times, and that is where these libraries help.

  • Celery
  • Huey
  • asyncio

Development Tools and Environments

Python has an established community, which is why it has some famous tools and environments that uplift the development process by providing the best IDEs and deployment solutions.

  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Docker
  • PyCharm
  • Poetry

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We see the hiring of Python developers as a partnership in which we proactively deal with common problems and simplify the process. These are the list of frequent queries our clients have and the solutions we provide:

How to create a job description that attracts the best developers?

The key to creating a job description that attracts the best Python developers is to provide as much information about the role, responsibilities, and highlights of working with you. You should add the benefits you provide to your developers in the job description’s overview so that you can attract the best minds in the space.

What skills are non-negotiable for hiring the best Python developer?

To hire the best Python developer, you should focus on developers who have extensive experience with the technology and possess awesome problem-solving skills. Having an attitude of getting things done is also important for developers, as such developers can go above and beyond to help you deliver the best projects.

Which is the best way to hire Python developers?

There are multiple engagement options to hire Python developers, and it all depends on your requirements. You can use staff augmentation services if you want the developer to work with your team but also save costs. If you don’t have a team, you can hire dedicated teams if you need more control, or you can outsource entire projects to development companies if you are only concerned with getting the best project developed without any overheads.

What are the core responsibilities of a Python developer?

Python developers are responsible for many things in an application. Starting from writing application code that meets feature requirements, adding programmatic tests, maintaining databases, creating documentation, and even designing application architecture.

What are the common benefits to Python developers in the industry?

Due to the high demand for Python developers, companies provide various benefits to developers to retain them and work with them for longer periods. Some common benefits for Python developers are certification reimbursement, Paid Time Off, health insurance, and flexible working hours.