React, a JavaScript-based framework for creating interactive user interfaces, is used by several big companies globally, including Google, Netflix, Google, and Airbnb. It is among the most widely used and popular front-end web development frameworks. As per data researchers, React downloads crossed 58.99mn per month in June 2022.

React downloads
There are several reasons behind React’s popularity, which is why companies and developers worldwide are adopting this framework at a rising rate. However, recruiting a React developer is not an easy process, and it’s essential to hire a dedicated React developer at a reasonable cost. The cost to hire React developer varies in different nations and depends on various other factors.

A smart business owner should have the skill of finding the correct method to hire React developers at the perfect cost. Here is a guide to help you know the factors affecting the cost to hire remote React developers, and further details about the costing process.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Hiring React Developer:

Several factors affect the cost of hiring React developers and, simultaneously, your product’s final cost. As per Payscale, the cost to hire a ReactJS developer falls within the price range of $96K and $126K a year on an average. And that can differ depending on factors such as project size, experience, location, and engagement model.

There are some common questions that arises when you are opting to hire React Developers,

  • What is the Project Size?
  • Describe the Complexity of the Features required?
  • What type of Engagement Model do you prefer?
  • What is your preference for the Team Composition?
  • What is your expected Project Deadline?
  • Do you want any 3rd Party Integration to your project?

Let’s clear out all these questions and get an in-depth knowledge of the factors to determine how exactly they change the total project cost.

The Project Size:

The project size can influence the cost to hire React developers. Hence, each project will comprise varied requirements as per their respective size. Additionally, the time required to hire a developer, the expertise level, and the number of processes eventually rely on the project size.

The Project Size

A) Small-Sized Project:

In the case of small-scale projects, you might not require a troop of developers. Moreover, the time needed to complete the development will be less for a small-scale project. Additionally, a small-sized project comprises minimal features with basic integrations, resulting in low development time and React developer engagement.

B) Medium-Sized Project:

In contrast to small-scale projects, medium-scale projects need more number of developers. For instance, a medium-scale project might already have an app that requires extra integrations, chat features, or additional functionalities.

Consider, for instance, an app for a fashion designer wanting to offer payment options for clients. Here, integrating the mobile payment feature might need more than a single developer. Hence, the hiring cost for React developers might increase compared to small-sized projects.

C) Enterprise-Level Project:

An enterprise-level project will contain more features, integrations, and security, meaning more development time. Thus, such projects require a professional team of project managers, experts, QAs, developers, and more. Additionally, enterprises have large business apps with many services combined to offer higher functionality.

For instance, an ERP app helps handle various business processes, like accounting, procurement, project management, compliance, etc. Therefore, it will need several functionalities, requiring an expert team of developers to create the project. But, hiring a developer will depend immensely on the specific business requirements, the intricacy of the features, and the 3rd-party integrations required.

The Complexity of the Features:

Features are what makes an app different. For instance, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are social media networks, but their distinct individual features help make them stand out. For this reason, features play a crucial role in your app development cost.

A basic feature like adding products to the cart or logging in will require fewer skills than a complicated one such as a Virtual product trial. For any app, basic features are closely associated with core activities such as:

The Complexity of the Features

  • Basic search
  • Chat
  • Wishlist
  • Push notifications
  • In-app wallet
  • Shopping cart

Meanwhile, complex or complicated features such as map integrations, payment integrations, advanced payment, and video streaming need additional skills. For instance, if you wish to create a new video streaming app like Netflix, you’ll need developers who know software logic, data processing, streaming protocols, etc. Hence, the cost to hire a remote React developer to create complex features is more expensive than a basic one.

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The Engagement Model:

The hiring cost for React developers also depends on your company’s engagement model. Besides time-based engagement models, there are two other models, i.e., fixed price and dedicated models.

Fixed Price Model:

In this model, the time constraints, budget, and scope for engaging the developers are fixed. It’s crucial to have a proper work scope as there isn’t any possibility of making changes during development. However, this model best suits businesses that don’t wish to tackle variable costs. A short-term project that doesn’t require constant changes for years works best with the fixed price model.


The fixed price engagement model is not meant for businesses planning to launch apps or software quickly. The reason is the immense planning you would require to plan all aspects before the development phase begins.

Moreover, the fixed model follows a rigid approach and isn’t flexible for incorporating any changes besides what is agreed under the contract. Hence, you cannot expand your company with this model or create new features sans entering a new contract.

Dedicated Model:

A dedicated React developer can be hired through a company like eSparkBiz that offers the best IT staff augmentation service. Being the client, you get to decide the dedicated developer team size per your requirement or ask the offshore vendor to execute an analysis.

The dedicated model best suits experienced startups and enterprise owners requiring an extended developer team to create and integrate custom app features. As such, you do not have to stress about recruiting skilled experts and developers every time you want to incorporate new features into your app.

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The dedicated team lets you have the correct professionals work on your software project sans permanent engagement. Besides, you only have to pay the hourly fee of the developer.

Additionally, the outsourcing companies that offer dedicated teams do the developers’ recruitment and onboarding on your behalf. Moreover, you can also subtract or add resources according to your product requirements.

Companies like eSparkBiz offer dedicated teams of React professionals that work alongside your in-house team until project completion. You receive an incredible product at the end that has all the tech support, intellectual property right, design mockups, etc.

UI/UX Design:


UI/UX Design
The cost to hire React developers can differ based on your app’s design. A simple design needs less cost for development. However, top-tier, attractive UI app design needs additional features that cost more. But to drive user attention and generate business, maintaining a fair budget for app development is crucial.

3rd-Party Integrations:

Even 3rd-party integrations in app development influence the cost of hiring React developers. Integrating external libraries plays a role in 3rd-party integration and helps to develop attractive and interactive apps. However, such integrations, at times, lower the app’s performance. Hence, businesses need to hire a professional React developer to optimize the app, which eventually affects the development cost.

Average Cost to Hire React Developers:

Let’s now discuss the average cost to hire React developers based on their experience and geographical location.

Experience-Based Cost

Before hiring a React developer, you must know your business requirements. Additionally, the more complex your app is, the more experienced developer it will need. Therefore, the cost would differ from app to app.

Experience Level Average Annual Salary
Junior React Developer $72,010 – $94,950
Mid-Level React Developer $61,650 – $108,190
Senior React Developer $125,010 – $149,090

The Junior React Developer:

Junior React developers are fresh graduates or beginners having an experience of one to three years. They possess basic React knowledge and can manage basic development work. Additionally, they should know how to work with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Junior React developers can help experienced developers in their work and handle debugging efficiently. In addition, collaborating with other engineers and designers to create good UX is important. Hence, they can also participate in design and technical reviews to offer feedback on certain aspects.

Another crucial factor is curiosity about the latest frameworks and advanced coding techniques. The Junior React developer’s interest in knowing the latest frameworks is advantageous for you. That’s because you can teach and train them in modern frameworks, eventually lowering the cost of recruiting new developers.

The Mid-Level Developer:

A mid-level React developer holds three to five years of experience. They can perform particular developer tasks, such as writing the functional and class components. Besides, they can even test the components using React testing library and look for data from any API asynchronously.

Most of these developers also hold DevOps experience that can help with continuous incorporation and deployment of apps. Moreover, the mid-level developer’s TDD (Test-Driven Development) experience can also be a bonus for your company.

They should also be able to understand wireframe designs as well as know how to turn them into an exemplary user interface. Besides, expertise in automated deployments and writing infrastructure as a code is a substantial added advantage.

The Senior Developer:

A senior developer has five to seven years of experience. They can create a complete app with 3rd-party integration and debugging activities. Additionally, they know how to leverage React libraries along with the in-built tools available in the framework. A crucial benefit of senior React developers is how they nurture and mentor junior developers during project development.

These developers also hold experience in cloud technologies such as Azure and AWS. They might also know advanced technologies such as PowerBI and Machine Learning. Hence, spending more money on recruiting senior React developers would make more sense since they provide mentoring, experience, and practical knowledge.

Besides all these, a senior developer can participate in development planning processes and recommend crucial resource requirements.

Skills React Developers Should Have

React developer’s skill set can be broken down into two parts:

  • Soft skills include management, self-regulation, and communication skills.
  • Hard Skills refer to technical skills, such as knowledge of algorithms, programming languages, and different development environments.

Soft Skills:

Following are some of the essential soft skills React developers should have:

  • Creating and allocating tasks: The capability to prioritize a task, allocate time ideally and deliver on time.
  • Business communication: Perfect planning and organizing meetings, what needs to be done after the meetings, and structuring discussions wisely.
  • Project planning and management: Understanding the internal processes within the project, establishing clear goals, maintaining control of their execution, and introducing changes in workflow in case of challenges. 
  • Handling conflicts: Having the ability to manage and resolve conflicts sans destroying relationships.
  • Emotional intelligence: Regulating personal behavior, reading other individuals’ emotions and reacting adequately, and avoiding misunderstanding/conflicts.
  • Keeping a check on your movement: Staying alert, avoiding burnout, enhancing your skills, and tracking your mental and physical health.

Hard Skills:

  • Fundamental knowledge of other open-source libraries, such as JQuery, html5sql.js, RequireJS, etc., is crucial when hiring a React developer.
  • Specialize in various React tools such as Flux, Redux, and Webpack.
  • Experience working with cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and OpenStackApache.
  • Knowledge of databases such as NoSQL, MySQL, Redis, and PostgreSQL.
  • Acquaintance with other JavaScript-based frameworks such as Node.js, Angular, etc.

Geographical Location-Based Cost:

Location is critical in hiring a React developer because of the differences in the average cost globally. Additionally, React developers have varied experience dynamics per their region, which you can onboard by recruiting a remote React developer.

Cost to Hire React Developers in North America:

One of the significant markets for hiring React developers is North America. According to Glassdoor, React developers in the United States earn around $90,000 a year. Another important market to hire React developers is Canada. However, the cost to hire a remote React developer here is higher than other regions globally.

Country Average Annual Cost Average Hourly rate
US $90,000 $45/hr
Canada $97,500 $55/hr

That’s because the developers in the US have vast employment opportunities with giant tech companies. Therefore, the talent acquisition marketplace is tight, resulting in higher salaries for developers.

As per CompTIA, over 5,20,000 software companies exist in the US. Besides employment opportunities, developers in the US benefit from high minimum wage rates compared to other nations worldwide.

Cost to Hire React Developers in Asia:

One of the significant markets for hiring React developers across Asia is India. That’s because India has a vast pool of developers at varied experience levels with the expertise of modern tools such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Country Average Annual Cost Average Hourly Rate
India $9,890 $15/hr
Malaysia $14,450 $5/hr
Singapore $8,550 $60/hr

Another primary reason India is a favorable destination for hiring remote React developers is its practical approach to problem-solving. Resultantly, tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have established several offices across India.

Moreover, India houses many reliable software firms that provide developers according to your business requirement. eSparkBiz is among those companies that allow you to hire a remote React developer or a dedicated team as an extension of your company. Reach us Now !!

Besides India, Southeastern countries in Asia such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore also provide promising talents per your business requirement.

Cost to Hire React Developers in Europe:

European nations provide React developers having varied expertise and experience from Spain to France, Germany, and the UK. The UK is a tech-centric market already, with the IT sector revenue surging at £2.56 billion. Resultantly, the country has become a popular go-to location for several organizations to hire a React developer, mainly because of their familiarity with European data rules.

Country Average Annual Cost
UK $48,150
France $44,300
Germany $41,150

Cost to Hire React Developers in South America:

The cost to hire a React developer in Southern America can differ significantly, with the hourly rate starting from $35 to $100 an hour. Countries such as Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil comprise several talented React developers.

Country Average Annual Cost
Brazil $94,800
Colombia $87,000
Argentina $88,190

Cost to Hire React Developers in Africa:

The average hourly cost to hire a React developer in Africa ranges between $41 and $100. Countries like Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya have good talent pools. However, Africa is pretty much an emerging continent in the IT sector and has yet to establish a strong foot-hold compared to the other regions.

Country Average Annual Cost
Nigeria $106,900
Uganda $90,800
Kenya $90,200

Cost to Hire React Developers in Australia:

The tech industry plays a major role in the Australian economy currently. Sydney, the financial capital of Australia, houses some of the biggest corporations, such as Woolworths and Telstra. And with the average annual salary ranging between $1,20,000 and $161,000, it is also one of the most expensive cities to hire top talents in Australia.

Country Average Annual Cost
Sydney $161,000

The Difference in Price: Freelancers Vs. Remote Developers

The cost to hire a remote React developer differs between a dedicated React developer and a freelancer for numerous reasons. Freelance React developers might be comparatively cheaper in hiring; however, they have certain limitations that you would not witness otherwise when you hire dedicated development team.

Many freelancers are hired via a bond basis the span and size of your project. A freelance React developer might work on numerous projects at the same time, which could affect their work quality. However, freelancers could be an excellent option if you have a small-scale or short-term work project not requiring a dedicated remote developer team.

A few major platforms you can check out for hiring freelancers are:

Platforms to hire Freelancers

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Upwork
  • Payscale
  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed

On the other hand, dedicated remote React developers are a great option in case of long-term work projects. That’s because they can be hired via a software firm that manages the complete development process. Not only developers but these firms also provide dedicated remote project managers. Hence, hiring dedicated Remote developers for a long-term project makes sense.

Clutch and GoodFirms are two popular platforms for finding leading software firms that provide dedicated remote development teams. The hourly cost to hire remote react developers through such firms is somewhere between $15 per hour and $49 per hour.

eSparkBiz Is Your Go-To Destination To Hire Dedicated React Developers

How can you ensure an optimized cost to hire remote React developers sans losing attention on core business tasks? Well, the answer is eSparkBiz. With a vast pool of talented developers and immense experience, eSparkBiz can offer you user-friendly, rich, secure, reliable, and scalable React web apps.

Our proficient team of 60+ React developers streamline the development process and ensure that you get a best-in-class product as per your requirement. Their technical prowess can help you develop robust and functional apps that best match your business idea and keep you ahead of competitors.

The average cost to hire a remote React developer at eSparkBiz is about $1920, which may vary based on the experience and skill of the developer. So, connect with us today to hire an expert, flexible remote React developer team at cost-effective prices and experience the difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much is the average cost to hire a dedicated React developer?

    The average hourly cost for hiring React developers is about $20. For experienced developers, the cost can be around $3,200 for 160 hours.

  2. Why do businesses use React?

    Top websites, such as Airbnb, Pinterest, Walmart, etc., have utilized React in their web product development. The major reason is the SEO-friendly, reliable, scalable, and fast development React offers. Besides, it also provides added features to make the UI of online products more attractive.

  3. What's used to boost the React app's performance?

    The use of VDOM (Virtual DOM) helps enhance the performance of React apps. It boosts the app speed by preventing repetitive user-interface state changes under React apps.

  4. How can you hire React developers?

    You can hire React developers by:

    • Looking for reliable online technical vendors
    • Highlighting project scope
    • Introducing React developers to the project